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  1. mine got approved today. Thanks! It seems complain does take effect.
  2. Mine is still in pending status after 2 weeks.
  3. not really. I can read Chinese so I logged in by extension.maxthon.cn
  4. extension.maxthon.cn can login though. strange ...
  5. hmm, my panel.html can retrieve the text from en.ini file. However if I have another html like blocked.html, after I redirect current tab to this local html file, then locale cannot take any text from en.ini.
  6. That is good to know. Thanks a lot. I will try that out. One more question :-). How can I access locale defined in en.ini file from a html defined in my extension? this local html is used for re-direction when a web url should be blocked. javascript embedded in that local html cannot load locale text from en.ini. Maybe I also missed something here?
  7. I was trying to access http://extension.maxthon.com/ to submit my extension for review, however I cannot login with my maxthon passport. But I can login to my https://my.maxthon.cn/index.html As shown in the attched image. Can you please help to check? Thanks
  8. Thanks. anyway I have tried a workaround, but that's not efficient and neat. Let us see whether Mx support or any extension developer will help.
  9. Thanks a lot, that is what I am looking for. I would like to know the url before I submit the extension. bayas has helped to answer my question.
  10. Hi, I would like to know what will be the url of my extension after it would be approved? I need to put that url into my extension's code. Thanks,
  11. Hi, do we have any events to be used that I can do some update on my extension's panel html via javascript? I have tried DOMContebtLoaded, onload, onpageshow, all of above are only called once the panel is created. Do we have other events to be triggered whenever I click the sidebar icon to display my panel? Thanks
  12. found the answer, the en.ini file format must be Unicode + BOM format.
  13. Hi Alex, One question about usage of locale. I added an en.ini file, then in my javascripts, I do following: var rt = window.external.mxGetRuntime(); var tt = rt.locale.t; alert(tt("THE_KEY_NAME")); but it does not work to resolve the value defined for THE_KEY_NAME in my en.ini [lang] THE_KEY_NAME=test name Could you please help? I am not sure where is the incorrect part here Thanks
  14. Looks like that the link cannot be clicked directly. Have to manually prefix http:// I have a small extension written for Chrome, let me see how easy it is to port to Maxthon. Cheers
  15. OK, then there is more reason to wait for Mx 5. Thanks
  16. I noticed that maxthon is or will use chrome core as its backbone, then shall it support extensions from chrome app store automatically? Can anybody shed some light on it? Thanks