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  1. Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge - all browsers use the same extension api If Maxthon won't change anything then its browser is useless
  2. In Chrome it's very quickly and when you add new extension it doesn't require any review, mb it's not like this anymore, anyway they review new updates for my extensions very fast Last time when I uploaded new addon for Firefox it wasn't reviewed fast but addon was still available to download from their addon site (it just would say to users that this addon wasn't reviewed by Mozilla, but they could install it anyway) Opera - 1-5 days (extensions' updates and new extensions) So yeah, 2 weeks it's very long for this browser
  3. I hope I will not beat your record (more than a week)
  4. How much time does extension approving take? 3-4 days past after I've added one
  5. Yeah, It works in 4.4 I've already tried: "actions": [ { "type": "script", "entryPoints": ["contextMenu"], "js": ["cmenu.js"], "contexts": ["page", "link", "selection", "textbox", "image", "video", "audio"] } ] In 4.9 it doesn't work. But even if it works in 4.4, ContextMenu API is really bad in Maxhon - I can't create menu items dynamically (because we declare it in def.json), I can't set name for item menu (it just displays name of extension), and how to detect for e.g. link click event when item menu is clicked from the context menu, get url of this link and use it for something in cmenu.js? So what we can do with [link], [selection]? In Chrome I can use something like this (in background.js): chrome.contextMenus.create({ title: "name of item" id: 'linkClick', contexts: ['link'] }); chrome.contextMenus.onClicked.addListener(function(info, tab) { if (info.menuItemId === "linkClick") // info.linkUrl - use url for something... }); Also include/exclude attributes doesn't work for ContextMenu - item menu will be displayed in the context menu and script will be executed on every page
  6. Yeah, I was thinking that it just doesn't work anymore. So I guess it also will not be working in MX5?
  7. How to use ContextMenu API? I can't even find any Maxthon extension with menu items in the context menus. I need an example