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Bug Comments posted by Burn2

  1. Meanwhile I removed all settings and plugins and started from scratch. So far it looks good. Maybe really a plugin caused that trouble, even I disabled all of them, except the build in ones. Or it is related to the Maxthon upgrade history since I use that browser for a very long time already. As next step I'll start enabling the 4 additional plugins again to verify them.


    Hmm, while installing the previously saved plugins again I found twice a Maxthon search plugin v1.2.4 but with different size and file name under ...\Maxthon3\Users\guest\Addons Maybe that was the problem.

  2. Just updated to v4.9.3.1000 and after a while the search box made Maxthon crash again (Search worked on all pages in the beginning). I had about 10 open tabs and found one Maxthon process without handles after it happend. I made a complete dump but even zipped it's 201MB in size and to big to attach here. But for now I can say it wasn't related  to the browser cache. That I cleard last time. I attached the new Maxthon crash report.



  3. It happens randomly. I could only see that Maxthon reserved more than one GB of RAM last time it crashed. In my opinion it happens if many tabs with complex web pages are open. I also let Maxthon running for a long time and just send my notebook to standby. I can add more existing crash dumps if needed or configure an local user dump in Windows. For now I just cleared the cached data.

  4. I know it only searches on the current webpage. But it happens very often when I press STRG+F, the search box opens and after I start typing the first character Windows tells me that Maxthon doesn't work anymore and needs to be closed/restarted. The search box gets a black frame than.
    I just tried to reproduce it and attached some crash data.


    Maxthon Crash.png