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Status Replies posted by dlaw74

  1. For some reason i cant reply in the forums, Anyway No i never did the syn passport thing, I have just always only used the browser and thats it.    Everything is working fine now, even the home page is back to normal. Does it actually matter if it shows asia when i get ready to install instead of U.S.?   It seems like the same browser ive had all along..


    Also i dnt really wanna fully uninstall maxthon, cause i have a TON of saved sites, and im guessing if i uninstall then reinstall the recent version its gonna erase all my Favs correct?

    1. dlaw74


      Thanks, I normally never used the Passport but after looking more into it I am def using it from now on, Thanks for your tips, I manged to get everything as far as Favs saved to "cloud" on passport. 

      Also went ahead and followed the updating flash instructions, I was running some older version started with 18.x.x.x something dunno, but after downloading the recent version I manged to manualy get Maxthon updated to flash's recent version which shows "You have version 21,0,0,213 installed"  So far everything has been working fine again, I am finally just now able to make replies in threads, after my first few replies 2 days ago i lost anyway to reply,Quote or anything the option at the bottom just wasnt their. Now everything is working properly.    Im running the new 4.9 beta and only thing i have noticed is sometimes i will need to reload a page cause of a broken link.. Thanks for the info!

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  2. John Was your browser in a actual ASIA lanuage or was it just when you went to download it would say something like asia Limited before the install?   Or was it in a fully diff Lang?  


    Mine is showing everythng in english even though when I would get ready to install right after the download, it says something bout Asia Limited, But when i am opening up Max HOME page it shows   


    http://i.maxthon.com/en-us.htm        was yours showing something different than the english lang? Im trying to figure out if we were having the same issue..

    1. dlaw74


      O ok.

      mine was just throwing up ASIA limited when i went to install it to my computer, But it was always in English Language .  Thanks for your reply.

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