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  1. I recently installed the latest version of Maxthon on my new ultrabook and the AD block extension seems to be missing. Is their a way to re install AD Block?
  2. In Maxthon 4, since microsoft changed their login screen for its mircrosft account services, auto fill has been having probelms filling in the email screen. It would leave the username ex there along with your actual credientials. With this being their the login screen recognizes the email as wrong even though it is right. With this problem, it would require you to refill in you email for it to login sucessfully. This has been a problem in MX4 and it still continues. Has anyone experenced this?
  3. Wow maxthon has come so far. Cheers to many more years of excellent browsing.
  4. Like other browsers the more extensions or add-ons you use, the more information the browser has to proccess. I was wondering if that's the same for Maxthon. I am running Maxthon (Beta). Thank you in advance.
  5. Is their any way to switch back to the stock skin after installing this one. Also, how would you install the black skin?