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  1. 2 hours ago, 7twenty said:

    Can someone explain how having blockchain tech in a browser makes it more secure?

    I (think) I understand how it works in relation to a transaction process, but what/how does it offer security in a browser context?

    Bitcoin system is quite a big and complex topic to cover here.  It’s definitely not just about transactions.

    In general, it is an immutable database, secured by miners around the world. Powered by bitcoin, Maxthon can provide features like save your data to bitcoin system once for all, which provide super high availability and immutability.

    to learn more about bitcoin, visit

    mx6 will also enable app developers to easily create innovative apps powered by bitcoin. 



  2. 4 hours ago, proniceras said:

    And what about the mobile version of Maxton? Will there be new features for it? It would be good to have a sniffer, page translation and better night mode.

    Mobile version will be updated later. But don’t expect it comes with a lot of features because we don’t want it to be bloated. It may have some addons like ability, not finalized yet.

    1 hour ago, karajan said:

    i wonder if the google's rules within chrome store will affect Maxthon features or addons developing.

    that said i will not use bitcoin related addins, i wish we could have an innovative UI if not a renderering engine.

    now whe had to choose between blink or blink and chrome store or chrome store ( gecko and Mozilla :-- )



    Voodoo child

    Chrome store rule will not affect Maxthon features. We are considering to provide an additional store if we have resources to manage it.

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  3. 4 hours ago, pantantrollo said:

    This will be optional?

    Will there be any way for any user to opt out of the whole bigcoinc, biddata, bigXXX related theme that has the browser built in?

    We will be able to "be free" to choose if we want such options BIGxxx?

    Yes, you will be able to do it. All extra features are done in the form of modules, it’s possible to disable these modules if you want.

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  4. Dear Maxthon users,

    You may already know that we are developing next major update of Maxthon browser, Maxthon 6. Here I want to share something information about it, including its value proposition, and how we will develop it.

    Value proposition:

    For existing Maxthon users, Mx6 will keep all Maxthon5 data and implement most useful features from mx5, and providing much better website compatibility, full chrome addon support, useful chrome features.

    For all users, Mx6 will be the world first Bitcoin powered browser, enabling users to explore and participate the next generation of internet - Metanet. More information about metanet can be found at .


    The main browser features of mx6 will be developed based on a deeply customized chromium code base and existing mx5 codebase. All bitcoin related features will be developed by Maxthon team. Mx6 also has an open API to enable other developers to integrate their code.

     At Maxthon, we want to design the application of the future. Starting from 2003, Maxthon has been in the frontline of web innovations, today, seeing a new web is hatching from bitcoin(blockchain), we want to invite all Maxthon users to join this extraordinary movement. 

    We can discuss all related information in this thread.

    We can discuss bitcoin here as well, but to learn more about bitcoin and metanet, the best place is


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  5. Dear Maxthon community members,

    Besides the high interests in the Browser area, I also keep eye closely to any new technology that could impact the world. Now I am glad to let you know that, I will start a project based on blockchain technology, which is introduced by BitCoin. Although it's a separate project, it will introduce some nice thing to Maxthon. With this project (, there will be a token created (LivesToken). Maxthon will use this token in some ways, like, reward users activeties, reward active community members who contribute a lot. The best thing is, with more and more users who use the token, its price will increase. 

    Besides, the project is in pre-sale stage and have discounted price for participants.

    It has been long that I wanted to create something to give rewards our community. I believe LivesToken could serve that purpose.

    If you are also interested in blockchain technology or want to participate in LivesToken project, you can join our telegram group .

    btw: Maxthon browser and LivesToken are two different technology and run by different teams. They will be developed separately.



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  6. My friends, the purpose of alpha test is to find problems and fix them before sending to more people. Thanks to early participants, we already located some bugs and are fixing them. You can expect us start sending more links in next 2 days.



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