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  1. Thanks for the clarification my friends. It’s not hard to comprehend. It’s actully a common sense in building good product. Facebook started as a mischief to rate college girls. Google started as an internal tool.

    You can not design a product to please everyone, but always a certain kind of people, starting from yourself.

    Back to topic, although not seen by most people, I believe blockchain can help us build a honest world ( I really mean it in my presentation) and also help users get back their data from companies. That’s why we will build MX6. 

    But it does not mean we will abandon users who don’t care. MX6 will be faster, compatible with MX5 and more importantly, compatible with Chrome, which means no annoying ‘please change your browser’ message, and bring massive Chrome addons to Maxthon users. 

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  2. On 2/27/2020 at 5:37 AM, sajphon said:

    Sorry to say this @MaxthonJeff, but from what you've said in the video, it seems you are not trying to develop the best browser for people anymore, you are simply making this a playground for crypto schemes. I've spend 30522 hours using Maxthon (that's almost 3.5years of real time) over the past few years. Started using it since the era of MyIE2 actually. But in the past years the development cycle of MX has slowed down to almost a full stop. Simple bugs persist tens of version and most requested features and functionalities are ignored. There is no innovation, no interest in upping the security, compatibility or speed of the browser anymore and now, by introducing even more unneeded gadgets,tools, wallets and protocols to MX6 coupled with using "heavily customized core" you are again sinking into the depths of unamageable dependencies, that will only slow down the browser and annoy the users.

    Don't get me wrong, I LOVE maxthon. As i've said above, i've been loyal to maxthon for well over a decade now. But you are simply ignoring what people want from you and that is costing you your users that are migrating over to Vivaldi, Brave and other similar browsers that actually care about opinions of their users and let them shape the browsers.

    You are a visionary, nobody can take that from you. But perhaps you should think about your users in the first place and create a product they want to use. And then, only then, make the bloatware something that can be added by plugins and not as a main feature.

    That's my five cents to the topic.

    Sorry buddy. But it's never the case. I created maxthon to please myself in the first place and there are other people have same taste got attracted. I won't say your understanding about blockchain is wrong, but it's certainly different than mine. I understand there are a lot of people who don't want changes and 100% accept it. But Maxthon is all about embracing new technology and new ideas. It's what drives me continue to build.

  3. 14 hours ago, bricky149 said:


    It is no secret that I have expressed hot and cold posts on here over the years. Despite all of that, it has been an honour representing Maxthon as both an ambassador and, at one point, as a community manager. I do not regret being part of Maxthon's growth and what it stands for, and being able to be part of a community that shared those common values.

    However, I do not wish to request for my moderator privileges to be renewed. I wish you and everyone the best for the future of Maxthon.

    Kind regards,


    Thanks Bricky, really appreciate all your contribution. Hope the best for you as well.



    14 minutes ago, -ody- said:


    to say the least, what an inelegant way to do : not even  a private message to let us know that we would be downgraded.

    I should have taken this decision by myself, having not enough time left to moderate this place ( although there's not much to moderate now)

    Sorry if it's not so elegant as you expected. You did contribute a lot to the forum. Hope everything go well with you.



  4. Dear all,

    Thanks for all your support at Maxthon forum. It’s a long journey. Maxthon has been very popular and innovative in the earlier days and been not that sexy for several years. I want to send my thanks to all forum moderators who helped in this journey. 

    I know some of you are not happy with Maxthon today, some are busy working with other things. It’s 100% normal. 

    You may know that we are building Maxthon 6. The team is still trying their best to be innovitive and put 100% energy into it. We also need all forum management team have time and energy to activly helping people and manage the forum .

    Here I have reset all community moderators to member level, allowing all people who want to help in managing the forum to start from the very beginning.

    Anyone who still want to help managing the forum, being moderators of any sub forum, can PM me your request. But before the request, please consider the following requirements,

    1. You shall have helped other people in the forum constantly.

    2. You shall have shown positive attitude in handling different issues.

    3. You shall have enough experience in browser product.

    4. You shall have some basic understanding of managing communities.

    All the best


  5. 2 hours ago, 7twenty said:

    Can someone explain how having blockchain tech in a browser makes it more secure?

    I (think) I understand how it works in relation to a transaction process, but what/how does it offer security in a browser context?

    Bitcoin system is quite a big and complex topic to cover here.  It’s definitely not just about transactions.

    In general, it is an immutable database, secured by miners around the world. Powered by bitcoin, Maxthon can provide features like save your data to bitcoin system once for all, which provide super high availability and immutability.

    to learn more about bitcoin, visit

    mx6 will also enable app developers to easily create innovative apps powered by bitcoin. 



  6. 4 hours ago, proniceras said:

    And what about the mobile version of Maxton? Will there be new features for it? It would be good to have a sniffer, page translation and better night mode.

    Mobile version will be updated later. But don’t expect it comes with a lot of features because we don’t want it to be bloated. It may have some addons like ability, not finalized yet.

    1 hour ago, karajan said:

    i wonder if the google's rules within chrome store will affect Maxthon features or addons developing.

    that said i will not use bitcoin related addins, i wish we could have an innovative UI if not a renderering engine.

    now whe had to choose between blink or blink and chrome store or chrome store ( gecko and Mozilla :-- )



    Voodoo child

    Chrome store rule will not affect Maxthon features. We are considering to provide an additional store if we have resources to manage it.

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  7. 4 hours ago, pantantrollo said:

    This will be optional?

    Will there be any way for any user to opt out of the whole bigcoinc, biddata, bigXXX related theme that has the browser built in?

    We will be able to "be free" to choose if we want such options BIGxxx?

    Yes, you will be able to do it. All extra features are done in the form of modules, it’s possible to disable these modules if you want.

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  8. Dear Maxthon users,

    You may already know that we are developing next major update of Maxthon browser, Maxthon 6. Here I want to share something information about it, including its value proposition, and how we will develop it.

    Value proposition:

    For existing Maxthon users, Mx6 will keep all Maxthon5 data and implement most useful features from mx5, and providing much better website compatibility, full chrome addon support, useful chrome features.

    For all users, Mx6 will be the world first Bitcoin powered browser, enabling users to explore and participate the next generation of internet - Metanet. More information about metanet can be found at .


    The main browser features of mx6 will be developed based on a deeply customized chromium code base and existing mx5 codebase. All bitcoin related features will be developed by Maxthon team. Mx6 also has an open API to enable other developers to integrate their code.

     At Maxthon, we want to design the application of the future. Starting from 2003, Maxthon has been in the frontline of web innovations, today, seeing a new web is hatching from bitcoin(blockchain), we want to invite all Maxthon users to join this extraordinary movement. 

    We can discuss all related information in this thread.

    We can discuss bitcoin here as well, but to learn more about bitcoin and metanet, the best place is


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  9. 16 hours ago, Golfmann said:

    ALL users want it FAST...want it to load pages crisply and display solidly.

    Over the years, it seems you get it there, THEN... come out with a new "greatest" version and start over.

    NOW you're talking about another one! it! what the heck, why not...

    I am using version v5.1.3.2000 because it avoids many of your improvements and patched together bug fixes AND works as above!

    I am waiting and will continue to TRY and use Maxthon until you get "the one"...
    Someday :)

    If that’s all the users want, they will not choose Maxthon. Users want EVERYTHING. You can only speak for yourself. ;-)

    And actually no browser has been there. Try Googling “Chrome crash”, “Firefox crash”, “Opera crash”, “IE crash” and do it again, replacing “crash” with “slow”.

    I am glad you find a version that suits you well. But we will continue to improve/innovate instead of staying at a version. Developing the best product is always a way in progress.

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  10. 12 hours ago, Mhzayer said:

    It's as if they are ashamed of what Maxthon users suggest.

    Why is there a big gap between them and us?
    Isn't Maxthon users browser?


    It’s a users browser, but not a ‘some users’ browser.  It seems everyone think he/she can represent “The User” and the dev team shall develop the product as ‘he/she’ wishes. What if what you suggest is not majority user wants? Who to blame if there is something wrong ? I believe it’s always me and the team. Product design is not as easy as it feels.

    As the dev team, we have to think beyond users.  The reality is not always the same as it looks like. For example, people always say how good mx2/mx3/mx4 is. But I remember how many blames appear with these product. It’s more like how my father always say how good the old time is, like 50s,60s. 

    Remember, you always see negetive posts in forum is because people with no problem will not come to report anything. From our backend, mx5 has much less crashes rates than mx4 and probably mx3. 


    14 hours ago, 7twenty said:

    Because Chrome has the backing of Google behind it, which has in turn made it the biggest browser in the market. Maxthon isn't, and won't be, the next Chrome.

    Because of that, forcing developers to create content that only a minute number of users will be using isn't viable. Which is why you don't see many of the big addons on the other browsers on Maxthon.

    While it's great that there are Maxthon specific API's, if a dev isn't willing to put the time in to use them it's not really a feature to talk up.

    While not a feature, the Youtube Centre addon for Maxthon never had the icon display correctly. All that was required was to copy the icon files to the correct folder in the addon. But even that was too hard for the dev. So to add other specific API's is a bit of a stretch.

    Maxthon still doesn't have something that will draw users to allow for a more viable addon platform.

    If you think because Maxthon is not as big as Google, we cannot do SDK. You can say it again with anything we do.

    Just because we are not as big as Google, we have to be careful in choosing what to do. We are not that failure resistant as Google. If Google does something wrong, it can just shut it down which happens many times. But if we did something wrong, Maxthon is gone.


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  11. 2 hours ago, Kilmatar said:

    Hello, MaxthonJeff  \0/

    As I wrote in the very first message of this thread there are a full misunderstood between MX community and MX developers.

    Peoples asking for features especially lost ones that was in old MX and were removed by unknown reason. Developers working in "full isolation mode" and ignore any feature requests.

    As I wrote MX moving to "Just another Chromium browser". All the time developers have they use to adapt chromium engine and there are no time for creating new features or fix errors not related to chromium, for example UI bugs.

    Dear MaxthonJeff! Did you hear about Apple's decision that iOS12 will not have any new features? This release will be just a "bug hunt" version. Great idea!

    Can you make a same decision for a next MX version (5.3?)? Just bug fixes.

    And next version (5.4?) only for new features ASKED BY COMMUNITY AND NOT BY DEVELOPERS

    The priority of Maxthon is always perfmance/bug fix. It already has a lot of build-in features.Upgrading current features follows.

    Brand new feature will be carefully selected. Unless we feel the feature will benefit most users, not just a small group, we will not add it. The best place of these features are addons. We may put more time upgrading addon SDK than building every feature by ourselves, which may be an endless task (just check how many cool ideas in firefox/chrome addons).



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  12. 10 hours ago, pantantrollo said:


    Being a widely demanded feature, it may happen that the new "nitro" version ends up killing maxthon, if the latter fails to incorporate this feature.



    IMHO, in a market where the big ones create the trends, I do not think that Maxthon, which is a great browser, suits you to be closed in quantity and quality of options (chrome extensions, flags chrome, these also demanded, etc), you just have to look at the browsers that are based on chrome

    The new one will take a different path than Maxthon. It’s designed for people who have used to Chrome, not mean to replace Maxthon. And it will be more focus on blockchain related features .

    Maxthon will continue act as the All in One package, feature rich browser.

    12 hours ago, bricky149 said:

    Firstly, I'm glad you acknowledge said disconnect.

    The second and fourth sentences tell me a Chromium clone with Maxthon branding is coming.

    It's also nice to see the CEF component is being updated although one has to wonder when the hacky way of 'fixing' site support (i.e. old/unsupported browser prompts) by using three separate lists where Maxthon changes its UA string will unship.

    The new one will not be Maxthon branded. It will be released under a non-profit foundation. 

    I am not sure what do you mean “three separate lists”. I suppose after CEF upgrade, the unsupported site will not support Maxthon.

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  13. Thanks all for the concern. I admit there is some disconnect between dev team and the forum users. Let me brief what we did for the past several month.

    We are working on adding Chrome addon support. And it turns out it will be much easier to have it in a seperate product, like Nitro, than in Maxthon.

    And we also did some research with blockchain technology.

    We decide to build a separate product, continuing Nitro product line (may with a different name). The product will support Chrome addons from the beginning, adding blockchain technology, being cryptocurrency friendly. We have a lot of new ideas about how to use browser to build a decentrolized internet.

    We will continue to improve Maxthon as well. Some improvements are being cooked, like Translation, Snipper and Quick Access. 

    We also upgraded the browser core to bing up-to-date engine, improved performance.

    There are a lot to expect.

    Thank you again


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  14. 3 minutes ago, Perplexer said:

    This is still not fixed in ? Terrible. But it's exactly like I said in my last post on April 18th! They will not fix this. So this browser is basically dead. It cannot be used anymore for on-line banking or any other websites which require digital certificates. All versions after are useless.

    Could you give a site we can test the problem ?

  15. Dear Maxthon community members,

    Besides the high interests in the Browser area, I also keep eye closely to any new technology that could impact the world. Now I am glad to let you know that, I will start a project based on blockchain technology, which is introduced by BitCoin. Although it's a separate project, it will introduce some nice thing to Maxthon. With this project (, there will be a token created (LivesToken). Maxthon will use this token in some ways, like, reward users activeties, reward active community members who contribute a lot. The best thing is, with more and more users who use the token, its price will increase. 

    Besides, the project is in pre-sale stage and have discounted price for participants.

    It has been long that I wanted to create something to give rewards our community. I believe LivesToken could serve that purpose.

    If you are also interested in blockchain technology or want to participate in LivesToken project, you can join our telegram group .

    btw: Maxthon browser and LivesToken are two different technology and run by different teams. They will be developed separately.



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