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  1. 12 hours ago, Mhzayer said:

    1. I recommend you to fully uninstall mx6 by uninstaller like IoBit uninstaller which will completely erase all leftovers
    2. reboot windows 
    3. check windows default browser to see if there is still sign of Maxthon

    If not
    4. clean install Mx6 to the default location

    that did the trick, thank you!

  2. in mx hotkeys override those of the websites you visit. for example, i've set F2 to be the "previous tab" hotkey, and now i can't edit formulas in google sheets using the same F2 hotkey.

    it was fine in mx5, so had to revert to it, albeit the new mx6 branch is far better in other ways.

    oh, and one more thing: mx6 doesn't start without administrator rights on win10x64.