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  1. Hi BugSir006, The Adblock feature may work after switching the system language to English. Thanks a lot.
  2. Hi BugSir006, I have two Android smart phones, Huawei Mate9 and Mate20X . My location/region is China Taiwan, and the language setting is Traditional Chinese .
  3. Dear BugSir006, As shown in the attachment "Screenshot_20210825164432.png" , I install the latest version then try to enable the Adblock by taping the avatar > Settings > Adblock Plus. But , it does not work. Could you give me more hint ? Thanks a lot.
  4. Hi zzxxhhzxh ,

       I also need Adblock with Maxthon6 Android . Could you remember which version support Adblock ? Then, I can try to roll back to that version.


      Thanks a lot.

    Sincerely yours,


  5. How to enable adblock in Maxthon version 6.x ? We can enable adblock in Maxthon version 5.x before . But , i cannot find any method to enable adblock in Maxthon version 6.x yet .
  6. Dear All, I would like to write an extension which will split screen and then create a new tab on it . Afterwards, this new tab will interactive with the original tab . It seems that 'mx.app.runtime.create("mx.browser.tabs")' can only create tab on the original screen. How could i create tab on splitted screen ? Sincerely Yours, Fred