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  1. Nothing like the voice of experience! Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I'll redo the skin with all necessary files and try it again. Greatly appreciated.
  2. I started using the Maxthon 4.8 browser when it was released in October and love it! Mainly because I could create a skin to arrange everything exactly as I wanted it. I used the documentation and software to create a MX4 mxskin file as outlined here: But when I tried 4.9, double-clicking the mxskin file does nothing other than launch the browser and then it tries to download the mxskin file. I've seen the video and read related posts that indicate that new skins are installed by replacing Bin\0.dat, but renaming my mxskin file to 0.dat crashes the browser. So are there new directions on how to design and pack these 0.dat files for 4.9? I don't see myself using the new version until I can get it skinned appropriately.