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  1. This extension STILL isn't working properly with the latest version of maxthon browser, I would have thought after ALL this time that the two parties involved could have got ALL of the function's working correctly. David
  2. Hi joemax, So while using the maxthon browser,the lastpass addon doesn't function like it does with say...the firefox or dolphin browser ? That seems like a step backwards in the operation of this browser.....David I just tried the logging into the lastpass website method that's suggested here in the forum, that still doesn't seem to correct my issue with being able to use lastpass with the maxthon browser. :-(
  3. Hi, I agree with other users here in this forum, this morning I clicked on the download link in maggs post,the download started/finished...but when I tried to install it I received a prompt that informed me that there wasn't any program to open that kind of file. Maxthon isn't very useful to me without being able to use the LastPass extension.Davidv