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Bug Comments posted by Eleyan

  1. This problem has reared it's head again.

    I was downloading using Glary utilities, then clicking on each suggested update available in Filepuma.

    As I was downloading, after I clicked on 3 downloaded programs to install, programs waiting in Maxthon browser Download folder, which was reduced to the tray simply refused to open.  I also couldn't find any reference to Ultra/retro mode to see if this would improve my luck.

    With the Main tabs pages reduced to tray and the downloads also reduced to tray, I ran my mouse over the main tabs and it showed a page preview.  If I then right clicked it gave me the "restore" option, I was finally able to open the main tabs open pages in Maxthon.   On the other hand, the Maxthon Downloads reduced in the tray would show me a preview with "mouse over", but did not give me the "restore" option on right mouse click and so I had to abort the remaining downloaded programs without installing and start the downloads again.   If I then go to the top right browser with 3 lines one below the other "menu" and click on downloads manager, nothing happens.

    I hope that clearly shows the problem.

  2. Yes, thank you.   Sorry I don't get back here as often as I should.   So, thank you for your response.

    When I went back to using Mozilla a day later it was good again.

    I just had a problem yesterday, where my internet slowed right down, and I couldn't access royalgames.com, but managed to order seeds from another website.   Once I changed to Mozilla the speed improved and I was immediately able to access royalgames.com.   Again, not sure what the problem was, although at times it doesn't matter if I use the Retro or the other engine, royalgames will still tell me I cannot access certain games, i.e., word battle.    I will check out how it is working right now and see if the problem still exists.