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Bug Comments posted by Arend

  1. 2 minutes ago, PHYR said:

    Maxthon uses 2 cores, namely Blink and Trident(IE). Clicking the core icon or through the menu, you can switch between the two. Lightning bolt is Blink(Chromium) and broken page signifies you are using Trident.

    If it works correctly in IE, it will work correctly in retro(Trident)


    Thanks very much, that indeed solved the problem!

  2. On Monday, September 05, 2016 at 7:21 AM, PHYR said:

    Think he means this one(I'm using M5 without issue....)


    @Arend  You can simply change core, no need to switch browser. M4 will  remember the core the next time you visit Outlook.



    Thanks PHYR,

    That is indeed the scrollbar that has issues. What do you mean with 'simply change core'?