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  1. 16 hours ago, BugSir009 said:

    Hi projektilski, could you provide the website so we could do some testing?

    However it is useless if not redirected from web shop with actual transaction ID
    This is part of PBZ bank which is part of Sanpaolo Group.
    I have every reason to believe it is the same with any other bank. Credit card info is saved somewhere in Maxthon and not manageable at all.




  2. 5 hours ago, BugSir009 said:

    Hi projektilski, could you provide a video on this issue for us to look into it?

    The video would not explain this better than the picture. Maxthon detects when there is a payment form and offers to fill in credit card info. I had one card info, but now I have only second card info and now a way to manage it or choose between two cards. 

  3. I'm having problems with Maxthon that it doesn't show always translate button (all version, including latest 2800). It has some kind of autodiscover feature and only shows on some pages. I think it should bet there always.

    Also, I have one PC which has bookmark sync issues. I seems as I have separate bookmarks for that PC then the rest. I deleted and cleaned profile folders, reinstalled latest beta (2800) and it synced back same old bookmarks. 

  4. 5 hours ago, No.1MaxthonFan said:

    Works just fine for me, am watching it now.


    It works fine on other PC (same network) also but on that one it stopped working. It did open, I went to some settings and then it showed this error and it wouldn't load any more. Cleaning cache and flushing DNS did not help, while at the same time it did work over Firefox.

  5. On 5/29/2020 at 8:25 PM, Dan said:

    This has got to be a record for the longest time taken to roll out a new browser version -- any longer and I will switch permanently to Vivaldi and Opera...

    Vivaldi is good browser but it is still missing an option to open new tab from address bar with just enter (and not some other key combination) which is crucial for me.

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  6. 8 hours ago, BugSir006 said:

    Could you let me know the version number of your Maxthon 6 and the UID of your browser account? To check the UID, you can access my.maxthon.com.

    Try to open the Maxnote to check the sync status, please.

    Hi, it synced after some time (I would say many hours). Now it shows bookmarks however I can't find how to set favorites folder to show on favorites bar.

  7. 2 minutes ago, BugSir006 said:

    Account data of Maxthon 5 will be imported to Maxthon 6 automatically after the first login. And then, the data of Maxthon 6 is separate, it won't sync with Maxthon 5.

    But in my case this did not happen. I logged in with Maxthon 6 but nothing synced. Maxthon 5 is still installed on the same computer.





  8. On 3/3/2020 at 2:31 AM, MaxthonJeff said:

    Thanks for the clarification my friends. It’s not hard to comprehend. It’s actully a common sense in building good product. Facebook started as a mischief to rate college girls. Google started as an internal tool.

    You can not design a product to please everyone, but always a certain kind of people, starting from yourself.

    Back to topic, although not seen by most people, I believe blockchain can help us build a honest world ( I really mean it in my presentation) and also help users get back their data from companies. That’s why we will build MX6. 

    But it does not mean we will abandon users who don’t care. MX6 will be faster, compatible with MX5 and more importantly, compatible with Chrome, which means no annoying ‘please change your browser’ message, and bring massive Chrome addons to Maxthon users. 

    Do you know when will this happen?