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  1. After several attempts on 3 computers using Maxthon browser and downloading/installing lastpass extension, I've determined it does not work. I've successfully installed it thanks to your link in this browser on 3 computers. I uninstalled the original I finally was able to download and tried the link you posted, and still you can not log into lastpass. It briefly logs you in and the icon turns from grey to red, (red meaning logged in) and then in a split second, it turns grey again, no matter how many times you try to log in....It doesn't do this on my other browsers, so I'm assuming it's a browser problem and not a lastpass problem. I dunno.

  2. I'm new to this browser. I recently started using it because for whatever reason, flash player plugin keeps crashing on chrome, firefox, so I thought I would try this browser and flash seems to not be crashing at all using this browser. However, I went to extensions and searched for lastpass which is my password manager that I need desperately, and it will NOT download. It gets to around 2% and hangs for a bit then says "failed to download" with no resolution offered. I tried this yesterday and today (24 hours later) same thing. Please help