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  1. 5 hours ago, alexzhus said:

    Why are site icons updated every time you go to the quick access panel? Usually icons are placed on the site once, when creating a site and that's it.

    YouTube, tiktok.com video autoplay stopped working. In ok.ru, vk.com video playback starts with the sound turned off, before it turned on immediately with the sound. There are no such problems in mx 5 and other browsers.

    Settings - Advanced - Delete Flage Disable AutoPlay


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  2. 12 minutes ago, Mhzayer said:

    Go to settings about and check at the bottom if it says relaunch 
    otherwise close Maxthon and all instances of it then reinstall 

    I rebooted the computer and tried to set again it writes the MAXTHON browser updated. And the version remains Nothing helps

  3. 2 hours ago, BugSir006 said:

    Could you send the dump file of the crash issue to me? It would be appreciated if you could provide me a video of this issue.


    Thank you for your information! You mean overwrote v6.1.3.400 on v6.1.2.3600 then the password data was lost? 

    Passwords disappeared when updating v6.1.3.400. I thought to restore them by clicking on v6.1.2.3600, but the result was not followed, and I returned to v6.1.3.400.

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  4. When updating on Release, all saved passwords disappeared When the PassKeeper web version is transition to restore from the backup. It is not possible to access the website webpage at https: https: //www.uu.me/password may be temporarily unavailable or constantly moved to a new address   ERR_INVALID_RESPONSE .How can I return all saved passwords

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