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  1. I have Maxthon and love it. Only problem that I have is when I misspell a word and go to fix it by right clicking it and clicking on the right word it deletes the whole comment. Does anyone else have this problem and is there a setting to go to to activate it. It does it mostly on Facebook. (it does not do this on Facebook on Chrome, IE or Opera, so I'd say it's not Facebook) Very frustrating. Grrrr! Thank you
  2. Ok thank you for the reply. So, there's not a spell check either?
  3. Hello, I just downloaded Maxthon Nitro. I absolute love it. I find that it downloads faster than my Google Chrome. Ok I have 2 questions 1. Where are the settings on Nitro 2. Does it have a spell check and if so where do I go to find out how to set it. Well 2 1/2 questions. Thank you