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  1. BugSir007 replied at 2014-11-18 18:52 Hi again, I just opened the page you provided and it seems to be stable. No refresh problems are occ ... Here's what I see (attached) . It keeps refreshing till it fails. If I want, I can scroll a bit, but the refreshing will occur soon afterwards. Video_2014-11-19_185537.7z
  2. BugSir007 replied at 2014-11-17 18:19 I just conducted an HTML5 test with the current version and it seem that WebGL 2 3D graphics are not ... I've found another website that causes problems. Maybe it's the same problem? Here it is: For some reason, it keeps refreshing for me, and sometimes shows an error page.
  3. SWFlash0 replied at 2014-11-17 12:17 Console returns these errors: It makes it look like it's complaining about cross-origin resource sha ... ok. thanks.
  4. BugSir007 replied at 2014-11-16 23:26 Hi guys, Thank you for reporting this issue. I can confirm the same problem here on my end. Selectin ... What is the reason for this problem? I mean, Maxthon already have a high HTML5 score, so shouldn't it be able to support anything that others support?
  5. On this website: When you choose an icon (via "clipart") and some effects, it doesn't show the preview at all. On Chromium it shows well. I think it's a canvas issue, but I'm not HTML expert...
  6. Check out those videos, that show how Material-design work on Android Lollipop: I can't view any of them, yet on Chrome it shows fine. How could it be?