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  1. BugSir007 replied at 2015-2-12 18:47 back.gif

    Hi UFO106,

    Sorry for this issue.

    What version of Maxthon are you using please?

    Version of Maxthon, but it happened on previous versions too.

    I didn't set anything in the ad-filtering rules for those websites. It's just the default ones.

    The issue is that even though it shows it has finished (before switching to the tab), it didn't (even if I wait a long time). On some cases, even when I switch to the tab, it keeps being blank.

    My PC should be able to handle such a task.

    Attached the specs file of it, using CPU-Z app.



  2. scenario:

    go to website.

    Choose a very popular meme there.

    go to "View All Images" under "Recent Images".

    open multiple tabs for each image that you see, like so: open about 5 images in background tabs, scroll down, open more, scroll down, etc...

    do this till you have about 20-30 tabs.

    wait for all of them to load (finish the animated icon).

    Now, try to go to one of the opened tabs, preferably the newest/oldest one you've created. You'll see that it didn't load at all, and you might not even see it loading if you stay for a long time.

    On some cases, it will refresh itself on its own, but on some it will just stay blank.

    This doesn't occur only on this website, and it's not that my PC can't handle it.

    It also occurs on others.

    When it occurs, I notice that one process or two of Maxthon uses a lot of CPU, and doesn't stop. When I restart it, it goes back to normal - I visit each tab and it refreshes itself.

    other websites that it occurs on are when I open multiple articles from Android-blogs:

  3. BugSir007 replied at 2014-11-23 17:52 back.gif

    The download seems to be working fine for me.

    I jsut downloaded the zip file after doing some sett ...

    This time , the issue occurs even on Maxthon portable.

    Maybe you didn't test it right?

    I've attached a video here, showing what to do.

    Note that in the video, I can't see the preview of the images, and I also can't download the file.

    The video also shows that it doesn't occur on Chromium.

    Here it is:



  4. 7twenty replied at 2014-11-21 15:35 back.gif

    Test with the portable version. Download, extract to a test folder and run.

    If it works fine then ...

    Good idea.

    I've done it, and it worked.

    So I've tried to disable some addons, and only GreaseMonkey seems to caused it.

    Then I've found out that "Linkify Plus" script caused this issue.

    Is there an alternative to this script, or maybe an updated version of it (I have 2.0.1) ?

    I've now installed this one:

    Seems it doesn't cause this problem, but I wonder how good it is.

  5. Also, I've found another website :

    choose an icon, and set some configurations, and then choose to download.

    It doesn't allow to download.

    This time, this button worked in the past, and now it doesn't. It also doesn't show a preview.