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  1. Oliver One replied at 2015-3-5 00:54 With Opera 12, there is another popup alert : Chrome 36 and upper. Just because of this requirement, I run both maxthon and Chrome... and an annoying thing on chrome is that when I close it, it asks if I'm sure, just because of WhatsApp website. It's just a chat website. Why should it ask me if I'm sure to close the web browser...
  2. marillo replied at 2015-3-3 00:39 Why don't we ask directly to whatsapp? some kind of "class action" I mean, we can ask to support ... I've tried in the past to contact them. They don't reply to emails.
  3. I've tried to cheat using the user-agent, telling it that it's a new version of Chrome (and Firefox), but the progress bar keeps spinning, so it doesn't work... For Opera, it didn't even say which version it wants.
  4. I'm talking about this one: It already works on Chrome, FireFox, and Opera...
  5. 7twenty replied at 2015-2-13 08:35 %temp%\MaxthonCrashData It may depend on how the crash occurred and if MX can catch it to start t ... OK, I've got this issue on 9gag website (actually it happens there a lot, when opening multiple tabs), and I've found one folder that was created just very recently. Attached the folder. 11849 1424008113.7z
  6. 7twenty replied at 2015-2-12 20:44 Check your crash folder and see if there is anything there from around the times when you were testi ... where is the crash folder ? what is its path? Why doesn't maxthon allow to send it ? or even auto-send it?
  7. Beyond-C replied at 2015-2-12 17:10 20-30 tabs? wow Are you sure open 20-30 tabs with other browsers can load completely in one clic ... well it was about 5-10 tabs if I tried on the Android blogs, but it's hard to reproduce anyway.
  8. BugSir007 replied at 2015-2-12 18:47 Hi UFO106, Sorry for this issue. What version of Maxthon are you using please? Version of Maxthon, but it happened on previous versions too. I didn't set anything in the ad-filtering rules for those websites. It's just the default ones. The issue is that even though it shows it has finished (before switching to the tab), it didn't (even if I wait a long time). On some cases, even when I switch to the tab, it keeps being blank. My PC should be able to handle such a task. Attached the specs file of it, using CPU-Z app. 11825 WIN8-PC.7z
  9. scenario: go to website. Choose a very popular meme there. go to "View All Images" under "Recent Images". open multiple tabs for each image that you see, like so: open about 5 images in background tabs, scroll down, open more, scroll down, etc... do this till you have about 20-30 tabs. wait for all of them to load (finish the animated icon). Now, try to go to one of the opened tabs, preferably the newest/oldest one you've created. You'll see that it didn't load at all, and you might not even see it loading if you stay for a long time. On some cases, it will refresh itself on its own, but on some it will just stay blank. This doesn't occur only on this website, and it's not that my PC can't handle it. It also occurs on others. When it occurs, I notice that one process or two of Maxthon uses a lot of CPU, and doesn't stop. When I restart it, it goes back to normal - I visit each tab and it refreshes itself. other websites that it occurs on are when I open multiple articles from Android-blogs:
  10. magg replied at 2015-1-21 14:28 Then what it has to do with Maxthon?! LOL It's websait fault/ problem/ issue that only Chrome work ... I thought that maybe it is possible to overcome this. Anyway, have you looked at the video? it shows that even on the beta version there is the issue I've written about.
  11. magg replied at 2015-1-21 14:05 Check better next time- this site doesn't work also in IE11 and Firefox. So it's not Maxthon fault ... That's what I wrote: It works only on Chrome
  12. BTW, I also can't use the new WhatsApp website : It works only on Chrome. It also doesn't work if I use a customized user-agent.
  13. magg replied at 2015-1-21 12:16 Also no problem here. Why don't you try to update your Maxthon and try again? ok, I've now tried the beta version (file name is "maxthon_portable_4.4.4.900-beta-d") , and it still occurs. attached a video to show the problem. 11496 Video_2015-01-21_234625.7z
  14. magg replied at 2015-1-21 12:16 Also no problem here. Why don't you try to update your Maxthon and try again? recently, I've decided to try the official builds, since the beta/alpha (or what you call it) can't handle a lot of tabs nicely on my PC (which is weird since it's quite new).
  15. No.1MaxthonFan replied at 2015-1-21 03:15 The page is auto-refreshing and causes the Find-in-page window to disappear. That's not Maxthon, it ... it doesn't seem like that... Also, how come it doesn't occur on IE ? On chrome, it doesn't occur, but for some reason I don't see it causing other articles to show up. odd.
  16. On some websites, as you search, the find-in-page-window disappears. Example: go to this website: Now, try to find "comment" , and then go to the next occurrences .
  17. No.1MaxthonFan replied at 2014-11-29 04:23 Confirmed. Downloaded the latest version of QuickTime and videos don't play for me in either mode o ... Doesn't work in either mode? have you tried restarting Maxthon?
  18. I have QuickTime installed, but Maxthon can't show QuickTime videos (examples here) unless it's on IE's engine. I've found this post about it, but I still can't see that it was fixed. Is there any progress in this matter? IE's engine is quite slow when showing such videos...
  19. BugSir007 replied at 2014-11-23 17:52 The download seems to be working fine for me. I jsut downloaded the zip file after doing some sett ... This time , the issue occurs even on Maxthon portable. Maybe you didn't test it right? I've attached a video here, showing what to do. Note that in the video, I can't see the preview of the images, and I also can't download the file. The video also shows that it doesn't occur on Chromium. Here it is: 10541 Video_2014-11-24_222614.7z
  20. 7twenty replied at 2014-11-22 13:07 Great news. Although, I don't use GreaseMonkey and I have the same issue? It's a script that is used in GreaseMonkey : Linkify Plus. And now that I've removed it and installed an alternative (with a similar name), it seems to work fine.
  21. 7twenty replied at 2014-11-21 15:35 Test with the portable version. Download, extract to a test folder and run. If it works fine then ... Good idea. I've done it, and it worked. So I've tried to disable some addons, and only GreaseMonkey seems to caused it. Then I've found out that "Linkify Plus" script caused this issue. Is there an alternative to this script, or maybe an updated version of it (I have 2.0.1) ? I've now installed this one: Seems it doesn't cause this problem, but I wonder how good it is.
  22. odyssee replied at 2014-11-21 09:16 confirmed.. works fine with sleipnir (chrome based browser) Oops, I think it's the same website as the one on the beginning of this thread... Sorry for that.
  23. Also, I've found another website : choose an icon, and set some configurations, and then choose to download. It doesn't allow to download. This time, this button worked in the past, and now it doesn't. It also doesn't show a preview.
  24. BugSir007 replied at 2014-11-20 18:00 Hi again, Here we kept testing on different machines with different OS but still the problem can't ... How should I perform clean installation? I wish to at least have the passwords I've used, and also the installation files of the plugins.
  25. BugSir007 replied at 2014-11-19 18:12 Thank for the video. I can see the refresh problem in the video. But this is odd. here on my end t ... Can't I just go to "private" mode? it happens there too, even when not downloading anything... Not only that, but it also makes maxthon to steal focus when it shows the last page (the error page)...