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  1. Tried re-installing, still didn't work. Didn't prompt me to save password and details at all. Not sure what else to do. My password is pretty long, and I don't want to have to retype it every single time. By the way, may I know which tablet you used out of curiosity. For the amount I paid for my Samsung tablet, I'm starting to regret buying it.
  2. Well, my phone's on android and it's working, so it's just my tablet which runs on android kitkat. Don't know if that info helps.
  3. My uni doesn't have any problems with managing my login details, as proven by Maxthon on my phone. It's only when I'm on my tablet that it refuses to do so. And syncing the settings have not helped either. My only guess is that the problem lies with Maxthon's compatibility with my tablet somehow..
  4. Anyone else suffer the same problem? It's been bugging me as well.