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Community Answers

  1. But you need to know that those skins aren't full compatible with new mx builds... Of course, you can rename those 0/1 files to UIxxx.dat, but after that you can't select anymore your folders for saving notes/ favs. Check screenshot, please.
  2. All your (sky) notes are now available in Maxnote/ Infobox. Just click on your avatar in left upper corner in Mx5.
  3. Another "great" PR's bullshit, the same as Night Mode in Android version... Instead wasting money and resources on this fancy GIF's and screenshots you should spend more time to fix your "innovative" browser notebook.
  4. Maxthon is no more a browser... Now it's a (web) superb notebook, because being "just" a simple browser isn't so "amazing", "wanted by MILLIONS mx users", "innovative". Assistant... OMG!!!
  5. This addon is now available in Extension Center.
  6. This addon is now available in Extension Center.
  7. This addon is now available in Extension Center.
  8. This addon is now available in Extension Center.
  9. Both extensions are now available in Extension Center.
  10. The answers are simple. We both know that mx 5 is basically nothing more than re-skined 4th version. There are plenty of lines of code (leftovers) from previous version. 2nd thing - the reason why all of those features are still hidden is also simple. They don't have nothing innovative or interesting to offer at this moment. So you should expect that sooner or later there will be a big comeback of all those missing features. With big announcements, with more exciting GIF's and screenshots through over the forum and fb... They did exactly the same with 4.9 branch.
  11. Agree. All of those "missing" features should be (optional) out-of-box...
  12. Just a simple extension to view History - available from sidebar and toolbar.
  13. It's for Mx 5 only - read description in 1st post, please. QA is now just a website - it address is based(/ contains) on your unique ID (thanks this, QA can remember your settings like websites or background) which works only with Mx5.
  14. Odd, for me it resize just fine... Anyway I'll redesign this extension. Wait a moment EDIT: Try it now, Ody!