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  1. Hello Thank you for taking the time to look into this ! The problem occurs on almost evry videos, but is not systematic apparently. A same video migtht have a descent fps in fullscreen to begin with, but if I switch to windowed then back to fullscreen the FPS drop might occur. The video I first noticed this (because it was the first I watched after downloading Maxthon) was this one : The fps drop was really notable, less than 10 fps at the very least. tough desactivating the GPU acceleration delt with that very high drop, there is still an fps drop if trying to watch HDvideos at 60fps. In windowed mode you got the smooth refresh, but in fullscreen its closer to 30 fps. though not very important (meaning, it is not a complaint ), it is noticeable, and perhaps rellevant in the current matter ? Cheers and thank you again !
  2. Hi evryone, I recently started using Maxthon, and, as an old Opera user, I am quite pleased with the experience sor far. Still there is of course some trouble with the browser. One of witch is the Youtube issue. Managed to deal with it tough : in the option settings, you got ''enable GPU acceleration''. I disabled that in one of the many attempt to correct the problem, and it seems to have fixed it for the time being. I also Have an Nvidia card, GTX 680Ti this leads me to believe that the problem might be with the Nvidia products (some in particular ?) I'm no expert of course, and it is merly speculations, but it might be something the dev want to look into ... Cheers evryone and sorry for the aproximative english, not my mother language.