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  1. Hi TheWhitestOfFangs, Thanks for reporting here and sorry for the inconvenience cause. Could you tell me some details of this issue? For example is there an error code? Or popup window prompts that something is wrong? A screenshot is highly appreciated. I've tried this website in our latest beta version, it looks fine. So you are warmly welcome to download our latest version in our official website: http://www.maxthon.com/beta/
  2. Hi Lazykot, Sorry cannot reproduce this issue here please help check my steps are the same as yours: 1,guest mode 2, V4.9.3.1000 3, open .ppt file in googledrive here is my screenshot If this issue still exists, could you tell me what is your windows system? Best, Doris
  3. Hi hadpants, Thanks for reporting here. And could you tell me which browser version are you using? And a screenshot of the error popup is highly appreciated. These would be helpful to solve this issue you encountered. Looking forward to your reply
  4. Hi Niglelops, I also recommend FB purity extension to you. And may I ask does this kind of situation happen before when you enabled ABP? Cause I seldom encounter this kind of ads so sorry cannot test that for you.
  5. Hi puf_the_majic_dragon , What you mentioned above is a confirmed bug, it has been fixed in MX5, So you are welcome to try it out on MX5 It will be fixed on MX4 in the next updated MX4, but the release date is TBD. Hope you a nice day.
  6. Hi puf_the_majic_dragon, Sorry to get back to you so late. Our team member noticed your post on Facebook. We recommend you to download the latest version in our website: http://www.maxthon.com/beta/ And I'll report this issue on to our product team for fixing! Thanks for your support and your patience. Doris
  7. Hi Roxana, Thanks for your report on MX5, we'll continue to optimize it with all your VIP users' suggestions. And we have a "MX5 Alpha version Q&A" section in this forum, where you may post any questions concerning MX5. So would you please transfer this post there and I'll close this one. Thanks again for your feedback. Have a nice day ;)
  8. Hi Sue, May I confirm with you that the latest version is 4.9 or Alpha version?
  9. Hi Soaringeagle, Questions concerning MX5 can post at "MX5 Alpha version Q&A" section:here is the link http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/forum/95-mx5-alpha-version-qa/&page=1 You also can search first to see whether your problem has been solved or not. Here is a post with the same problem and has been solved already ;) You may have a try of this method to see if it helps. Have a nice day ;)
  10. Hi friend, could you please provide us with a sceenshot and your computer system version for us? These information would be helpful for our staff to test the peoblem. Looking forward hearing from you ;)
  11. Hi, SueKrueger13. Could you tell me the Maxthon browser version and computer system you are using? Those can help our staff to test this issue. Looking forward to hearing your reply.
  12. I know this. It's actually a bug. This a magic fill display error. We will fix it ASAP. sorry for this inconvenience. and so thanks your feedback.
  13. I have save ebay account into magic fill. But i can't find any ebay data from magic fill.
  14. https://cas.ceicdata.com/system-requirements
  15. Thanks for helping us confirm this problem. We will fix it ASAP. sorry for this inconvenience. and so thanks your feedback.
  16. This browser doesn't support video replay.
  17. Hi, man. Confirmed~ It indeed a bug. Thanks your detailed clear feedback~
  18. Examples:https://developers.google.com/drive/android/files#lifecycle_of_a_drive_file https://developers.google.com/ https://developers.google.com/android/reference/com/google/android/gms/drive/Metadata.html#public-method-summary Attached examples of Maxthon vs Chromium, of all those web-pages I've mentioned above.
  19. Best anwser: Hi, Alessandro. It has been confirmed as a bug. we will fix it ASAP~ Thanks your support and feedback~
  20. This page: https://www.ryanair.com/gb/en/useful-info/help-centre/terms-and-conditions#article-termsandconditionsar is not showed properly, there is only a loading image in the middle of the page. 2 JavaScript errors, this is the problem: Uncaught TypeError: Object function Object() { [native code] } has no method 'assign' Maxthon on Windows 10. Thanks, Alessandro
  21. Hi, Cathy, I've confirmed with our developers, it‘s indeed a bug. They have fixed and will reflect in next version. Attach is a .dat file, you can replicated it under the “bin” folder,bug will be fixed. Please try it. $RC30AP3.dat
  22. : duplicate entries in magic fill and some forms no longer working (neither automatic, nor manual way/rightclick fill the form)