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  1. Hello Maxers, First, we want to say "thank you" for everyone’s feedback during Alpha testing. We fixed a bunch of bugs and made many optimizations with your help in April. Here are the changelogs: Functions Optimized: 1.1 Account sync and login New tab page data of Maxthon 6 will separate from Maxthon 5, and it will have a separate cloud service and sync to it after importing the data from Maxthon 5 once at the first login. Improved the logic of data sync of the new tab page Added the function to merging data for users who has multiple accounts Added the function to turning off sync and clearing data Improved the state management of account login Improved the interaction of the account login page 1.2 Improved the browser UX Added the right-click menu for homepage button Right-click on the new tab page button to open the copied URL Icons of the bookmarks can be updated automatically Added the saving as image function to the right-click menu of webpage Changed the Help option in the main menu Added the button to the title bar to customizing UI New avatar for the local users Improved the logic of displaying the avatar Improved the interaction of the layout of the user menu 1.3 Browser installation and settings Added more options of displaying buttons to the settings page of Appearance Added the setting of download path Added the option of Account & Sync to the Settings page Improved the installation interface Added the option for customizing the installation path 1.4 Browser tools Added the sharing option to Maxnote; Maxnote data syncing optimized; Screen capture function is available for Maxnote Improved the function of importing bookmarks Added the tool of screen capture Bug Fixed: Fixed the crash issue when syncing Maxnote Fixed the issue that the Chinese words could not be searched in Maxnote Fixed the issue that notes could not be deleted from the Trash of Maxnote Fixed the issue that the checked option could not work properly (open the URL in new tab page when clicking it from Favorites) Fixed the issue that the quick access added repeatedly Fixed the issue that the top 8 data loss when importing the data at the first login Fixed the issue that it prompted password error when registering a new account Fixed the issue that the autosaved passwords could not be edited in Passkeeper Fixed the issue that the Private Notes could not be displayed properly in Passkeeper Fixed the crash issue when clicking Settings under the Incognito window Fixed the crash issue when closing a tab by right-clicking Fixed the issue that the browser GIF avatar could not be displayed properly Fixed the issue that the stop/play button could not work properly on the video webpage Fixed the issue that the tool of screen capture could not work properly on all of the areas Fixed the issue that the tool of screen capture disabled automatically Fixed the issue that the browser prompt window popped up repeatedly when closing the browser with multiple tabs Fixed the issue that the icons of bookmarks could not display properly Fixed crashes Improved the browser language file Improved the buttons displaying in English Fixed the issue that the Split Screen exited automatically after closing the last tab on the left side of the screen Fixed the issue that the title and page could not match when activating the right screen then exiting the Split Screen Fixed the issue that the title bar could not display the title for a long time when using Split Screen with two tabs then closing the current tab Fixed the issue that the default icons of the bookmarks could not display properly on the bookmark bar when using some theme In addition, we have almost completed the development of MX6 Beta Version which contains basic blockchain function. MX6 Beta Version will be tested in next month. If you are interested in MX6, please join the test group at https://t.me/nbdomain . Thank you all for walking along with us. Your advices and suggestions are always welcome !
  2. Hi DONG DONG, In version 1201 we only fixed a bug regarding the tab closing. The bug of registration will be fixed in the future version.
  3. Hi darknessblade, the mute, duplicate and pin functions are available in MX6. Could you describe the "to be filled in"?
  4. Hi Rainman, did you try to press the keyboard "Ctrl+F5"?
  5. Hi No.1 MaxthonFan, it only can import the favorites data from Edge. It is a bug of the option display, and it has been reported to the dev team. 😅 Hi Polaurent, we found some issues in 1200 so we delayed to upload the test version here. You can go to About to update the version 1200 to 1201. Probably in May😃
  6. Hi there, could you describe the issue in detail? It would be appreciated if you can provide a video of it. The recording tool has been attached. bdcamsetup.exe
  7. Hi there, bookmarks belong to the user account data. If you have the browser account, the data of bookmarks will be synced to your account. Maxthon 6 just separates the note and favorites.
  8. Hi @Spaceman60, try to use v5.3.8.2100 with the default User-Agent, please.
  9. With the launch of new generation of a product, users usually will have concerns about data inheritance and security. Today, we will talk about MX6 handle these issues. With MX5 cloud sync If you are an existing user of Maxthon cloud sync, the account data of Maxthon 5 will be imported to the Maxthon 6 browser automatically at the first login. For the existing users, data syncing is very easy. Users only need to log into MX6 account and their account data will be automatically imported to MX6 from MX5. After the first sync, the data between MX5 and MX6 is no longer interoperable. This means that if you use both browsers at the same time, the data will not be mixed with each other. Please note that compared with MX5 Maxnote that contains both bookmarks and notes, MX6 uses a separate Bookmark system. At the first data syncing, all bookmarks in MX5 Maxnote will be synced into MX6 Bookmarks, and also be retained in MX6 Maxnote. But after that, the new bookmark data in MX6 will be updated only in the Bookmarks and will not be saved to Maxnote. Import MX5 or other browsers' local data and HTML file Users can not only import MX5 cloud data to MX6, but also can import local data to MX6 by data import feature. Please go to Settings and click "Import local data and HTML file..." in the General Information area. The "Import local data and HTML files" function will automatically read all the browsers installed locally. Please select "Maxthon 5" in the drop-down list, set the import type, click OK button, and then all local data will be imported to MX6. This feature can also be used to import data from other browsers like IE, Edge, Chrome, or Firefox. Import function will put the data in the current user account. Import from file package If you want to experience MX6 on a new computer, or your previous browser is not in the drop-down list, you can use the local data packet function to import your data. In the "Import local data and HTML files" option, please select "Bookmarks HTML File" and the system will guide you to select a local folder after clicking OK, then the data can be imported. Data cleaning We have talked about various methods of data importing, but somebody may ask what should I do if I did a mistake and my data is a mess. Take it easy, MX6 also provides users with a variety of ways of data cleaning and recovery. Let's take a look at it. Delete user If you want to discard all the current data and quickly return to the original state, please try the user delete function. Please go to "Manage people", choose that user, and click "Remove this person". Bingo, the user's data is completely deleted. Of course, other users' data is not affected. Clear browser data If you want to clear browser data periodically, you can use this feature. In "Setting > Advanced", click "Clear browser data". In the pop-up window, choose the data you want to clear. Reset browser settings In "Setting > Advanced", click "Restore settings to default settings " to reset the browser settings. This action will reset your browser settings, but your bookmarks, Maxnote, passwords, browsing history and other personal data will still be retained. Summary Maxthon 6 provides a wide range of data import, sync, and cleaning features for different use cases. If you have any questions or better suggestions, you can tell us through the Maxthon community or user groups. We will try our best to make MX6 better.
  10. Hello, I tried to test this issue but haven't reproduced. Could you reproduce this issue frequently?
  11. The resource sniffer function will be added to the future version.
  12. BugSir006


    Try to press the keyboard "Win+R" > run "%appdata%", find the folder "Maxthon5", rename the folder then restart the browser.
  13. BugSir006


    Hi there, the video ads could not be blocked by the Adblock Plus. Regarding the Pinterest, could you let us know the version of your browser? We recommend you to use the latest beta version with the default User-Agent.
  14. We will urge the dev team again, many users have the same feedback. 🤣
  15. This issue has been submitted to the dev team and will be fixed as soon as possible. Hi N-n-n, it is still under the test, so stay tuned. 😊
  16. The MX6 alpha 2 test has been successfully completed. Some users have experienced this new browser. As you can see, the default color of MX6 is "Classic Blue". Classic blue is the color of the starry sky. It is peaceful and mysterious. Why does MX6 choose this color? On one hand, it hopes to bring everyone calm and be able to focus in the era of information explosion; on the other hand, it also expresses Maxthon team's exploration and yearning for the mysterious future. In MX6's default skin, we also provide "Classic Light Blue". If you prefer light colors, please go to "Settings" and switch in the "Appearance" page. In the future, we will also provide more skin options and the customizations. As a new product with the Chromium open-source kernel, MX6 integrates many new features in product design. We will introduce these new features in a series of articles. Today, let's take a look at the design of user accounts on local computer and Maxthon accounts on the cloud. Unlike MX5, which is designed to be a cloud browser, MX6 is more about client software and focuses on the design of users and data. You can create multiple users locally, each with its own data. Click the user avatar on the address bar, and then you can switch to another user or add a new user through [Manage People]. This setting can be more flexible to meet users' complex needs. For example, you can build a user for work and a user for life, and then manage the data separately. If a couple share a computer at home, it can be the same..... If you create a user locally, you do not need to sign in to the Maxthon account. If you need to use data from multiple terminals, or need to backup data, please sign in to the Maxthon account. Different users can sync data to different Maxthon accounts, so that even if a couple share a computer at home, they can also protect their data and avoid data confusion. In addition, MX6 supports [Incognito Window]. When the browser used in this way, the browsing data will not be saved. Although affected by the pandemic, MX6 team works from home in different places in the world, we will still improve every detail and promise to provide you with the best product experience.
  17. Hi there, to delete the browser account, you can log in to my.maxthon.com.
  18. Hi there, have you checked hardware acceleration? We tried to test the Facebook game issue, it seems related to the network speed.
  19. Hi there, try to delete the Mining Go.
  20. Hi Perplexer, I tried to test this issue in v5.3.8.2100 but haven't reproduced. So I recommend you to install it and uncheck "create desktop shortcut." Download link. https://dl.maxthon.com/mx5/mx5.3.8.2100-beta.exe
  21. Could you provide the specific URL and screenshot of this issue? We will try to test it. It will be appreciated if you could provide a video of it.
  22. Maxthon 6 chooses Chromium as the kernel, and its basic functions have been developed. Last week, the MX6 alpha 2 test was successfully completed. A total of close to 350 people joined the test. They were recruited from user groups and communities worldwide. Most of them are old users who have always used Maxthon, and nearly 95% have experienced the Chrome browser. The majority of test users are men between the ages of 25-45. We have received 189 user feedback through the questionnaire and email. Thank you for your active participation. High user expectation Regarding the user expectation for MX6, 76.82% of users rate the expectation with more than 4 stars, and even 47.83% of users rate 5 stars. Many users said that MX6 responses faster, the webpage opens smoothly and the interface is simple. Meanwhile, they are looking forward to blockchain apps in MX6. Focus on the stability of system and data sync When testing the sync function this time, only 40% of users had a smooth experience, while other users encountered some data error, such as Maxnote data syncing error, Passkeeper data syncing error, New Tab data syncing error and so on. Apart from network and personal factors, the stability of data syncing is far below expected standard. MX6 needs to be compatible with users historical data for more than 10 years in the new system with the Chromium kernel. The integration of data and system is the biggest challenge for MX6, but we are confident to overcome the difficulty and provide you with a more stable and safe browser. The MX6 development team decided to set up a dedicated team to solve this problem and promise to improve the stability when the Beta version is released. Looking forward to Chrome addons optimization From user feedback, we can see most users are accustomed to the MX5 original functions, such as New Tab, Passkeeper, Maxnote, etc. While for the interactive functions with Chrome, users want to optimize them, especially Chrome addons. We will focus on optimizing these functions in the Beta version. In addition, we will establish a common Chrome addons library, so people could download addons easily. Looking forward to more classic functions of MX5 Most users hope that MX6 can inherit classic functions of MX5, especially resource sniffer, snap and status bar. We will do the code refactoring for each feature in the new framework, and we will continue to update these features in the Beta version and subsequent versions. Under the situation of global epidemic, MX6 team works at home in different places in the world. MX6 will be improved according to the following priorities. First, improve the stability of the new system and data sync; Second, improve the basic browser function; Third, optimize functions and increase satisfaction; MX6 next stage plan MX6 team will focus on bug fixes for the Alpha 2 version and the development of the Beta version. Optimize system stability and reduce page frozen and system crashes; Optimize data syncing; Optimize the interactive experience of settings, bookmarks, history, download, addons, etc. and provide more convenient operations; Inherit classic functions of MX5; Setup a common Chrome addons library; Increase compatibility of ad-blocking functions and addons; Add the first-generation blockchain functional module; Please continue to follow Maxthon Browser. We will continue to introduce the new features of MX6, and we will share our plans and ideas of MX6. Thanks again for your subscription and test, we will work hard to provide you a better MX6.