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  1. Hi there, you can click the start menu to find Maxthon.
  2. + New Chromium 88 + Optimized the night mode + The retro mode is not available for this version. - Fixed the issue that the list of resource sniffer could not be selected all
  3. Hi there, I tried to use this extension in the Chrome browser, it cannot work. This extension seems broken.
  4. I tried to test again and reproduced it. It's really weird? This issue has been reported to the dev team as a bug.
  5. Hi @martinstzI tried testing this issue, dragging the link or the selected text, they can be opened in the background. Check the video, please. ?
  6. + Added Resource Sniffer + Optimized tab auto-refresh - Fixed Yandex 404
  7. Hi there, if you'd like to change the location, you can uninstall the browser then reinstall it, it only can be customized in the new installation. You can also use the portable version, the portable version needn't be installed. It can be saved to different folders.
  8. + Added the tab auto-reload + Optimized Vbox + Optimized the settings page
  9. Hi there, you can click the middle mouse button or drag the link to open in the background directly. drag_to_open_in_the_background.mp4
  10. This suggestion has been recorded. Currently, we recommend you to install the side bar extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/sidebar-apps-and-bookmark/afdfpkhbdpioonfeknablodaejkklbdn?hl=en-US
  11. How about this side bar extension? https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/bookmark-sidebar/jdbnofccmhefkmjbkkdkfiicjkgofkdh/related?hl=en-US Suggestion reported. ? Suggestion recorded. ?
  12. + Optimized Vbox + Lock the built-in page - Fixed crashes - Fixed the type issue when saving the webpage - Fixed the blank page issue after importing the data from MX5
  13. Hi there, log in to uu.me then open Passkeeper, click Exceptions, delete that website, please.
  14. We will continue optimizing the Maxthon 6 browser, this function will not be added lately.
  15. - Chromium 85 - Compatible with the Chrome extension center - Built in the Vbox plugin for managing blockchain identities - Compatible with the user data of Maxthon 5 - Popular functions of previous versions
  16. + Optimized Vbox - Fixed the crash issue when importing the account data from Maxthon 5
  17. Account data can be imported to Maxthon 6 from Maxthon 5 automatically at the first login. After that, you can import the data manually by opening the browser menu (Alt+F) > Settings > Import Maxthon 5 account data from server.
  18. Hi there, Maxnote data of Maxthon 5 can be synced to Maxthon 6 automatically, but the auto-saved passwords cannot be synced.
  19. We will support the function of notifications management in the future version. ? Suggestion recorded. ?