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Bug Comments posted by BugSir006

  1. Hi there, sorry to get you back so late.

    We indeed confirmed this issue, and it's related to the core version.

    Bad news is that we currently do not have any plan to upgrade core for MX4. 

    Good news is that the "rate" function can be used in MX5.

    So we recommend you to use Maxthon5. 

    And I'll also continue collect user's voice on the core for MX4, if the amount reach to a certain number, that will be more persuasive for our product manager to change their plan. And put upgrading core on MX4 on their to do list.

    Thank you again and sorry for the trouble.

  2. Hi Honza K, thanks for your feedback and sorry for the inconvenience caused. 

    I'll talk with our product manager to see if the translation tool directs to the website according to you system language or to a fixed one. If it's a fixed one, I'll discuss with them and persuade them to make a change. 

    Thanks for helping improv our beta version. 

    BTW, peoblems concerning MX5, please go to this board to post:1f60b:



  3. Hi eserdincc, thanks for getting back to me.

    Maxthon currently focuses on the development of MX5 for PC, Android and iOS platforms. And we may do a research on other platforms later, and then decide whether to add them into our developing plan. 

    Thanks for your attention and please keep in touch with us. Once there is any change for our plan, will tell you the good news here.

  4. Hi TheWhitestOfFangs,

    Thanks for reporting here and sorry for the inconvenience cause.

    Could you tell me some details of this issue? For example is there an error code? Or popup window prompts that something is wrong? A screenshot is highly appreciated. 

    I've tried this website in our latest beta version, it looks fine.

    So you are warmly welcome to download our latest version in our official website: http://www.maxthon.com/beta/

  5. Hi Roxana,

    Thanks for your report on MX5, we'll continue to optimize it with all your VIP users' suggestions. 

    And we have a "MX5 Alpha version Q&A" section in this forum, where you may post any questions concerning MX5.

    So would you please transfer this post there and I'll close this one.


    Thanks again for your feedback. Have a nice day ;)