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Posts posted by BugSir006

  1. 9 hours ago, Pablo(92131) said:

    When I drag a link to open a new tab, the new tab takes focus and it takes me away from the current tab. In Maxthon 5 I can drag links and open several tabs, but the one I am currently on does not lose focus. The behavior is normal when I use the middle mouse button, but I lose the current tab focus when dragging to open a new link.

    You can uncheck "open drag text in new tab."😊


    12 hours ago, dezinto said:

    This is it:



    Could you let me know how to reproduce this issue? I will test it as soon as possible.

  2. 46 minutes ago, Orlith said:

    Just tried the new version and found that passkeeper is empty. I'm using the same account on MX5 & Mx6, and on MX5 i got  user/pwd registered in passkeeper.
    Sync is activated

    Any idea ?







    Sorry for the inconvenience. Could you let me know the email address and uid of your browser account? To check the uid, you can log in to my.maxthon.com

  3. 7 hours ago, Pablo(92131) said:

    When I use the drag and drop for a new tab, it loses focus unlike in the older Maxthon 5 version.

    Could you describe the issue in detail or send a short video to me? I tried to test but haven't reproduced.

    7 hours ago, Pablo(92131) said:

    2) No status bar.

    It has been forwarded to the product team.

    7 hours ago, Pablo(92131) said:

    3) Ctrl + click does not work on Instagram and other websites to save images.

    Bug reported.

    5 hours ago, dezinto said:

    BUGSIR! Desperately NEEDS WebGL-settings! Some applications doesn't works.

    in MX5 was constantly pop-ups "not enough memory", now in MX6 the other one: "Java error! Check java settings."

    )meanwhile OPERA works properly(

    Could you send the specific URL and screenshot of this issue?

  4. On 6/17/2020 at 2:54 PM, scottchu.tw said:

    When I drag some item in some favorite folder to another favorite folder and try to drag it to be below original last item (where Maxthon will shows a blue horizontal line). It is always put above original last item. This is so inconsistent with what the position that the blue horizontal line show.

    Could you send a video of this issue to me? The recording tool has been attached.


  5. 19 hours ago, Magdalene said:

    Where's the uninstaller in MX6? I want to do a clean install of the Beta.

    Hi Magdalene, go to system settings>apps>uninstall.

    Maxthon Snap20200618194011.png

    18 hours ago, zork said:

    Hot keys settings were removed? Why?

    Will be added to the future version.

    17 hours ago, Magdalene said:

    Night Mode extension is disabled in Extensions and can't be re-enabled.

    It has been reported to the dev team as a bug.

    49 minutes ago, Selçuk Subaşı said:

    😉 and ....why not english or different language?297151138_MaxthonYakala20200618135937.jpg.c3a36c229febc0ca125b11899fc56425.jpg