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  1. I was a big user of Maxthon 4, Maxthon 5 not so much. I hope with the upcoming Maxthon 6 I can find a home for my browsing needs. I really welcome that Maxthon will support Chome add-ons as there are some add-ons that I always install no matter the chromium based browser. Even Microsoft stopped fighting it's corners and concluded if you cannot win then join. Currently I am using Opera and Chromium based Edge.
  2. PDF printing in chromium is very easy but Maxthon does not support this. continuously switching to retro mode just to print a PDF is a bit silly really as well as time consuming. Printing a PDF from webkit looks like it just merely changes the page to an image format (pixilated when zooming in) then outputs as a PDF file. Maxthon really needs to support PDF output natively as with chromium.