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  1. Hi BugSir009, But my mom goes on MX5 and in turbo turned on without any problems, I'll also give the screen later when I sign up.
  2. Hi, BugSir009 yes, that's exactly what I think, but in MX5 it's okay to run both versions, so I'm wondering if it can't be switched or what the problem might be, I wanted to give the MX6 version, only these games don't work there, that's why I'm asking.
  3. Hi, BugSir009 It didn't help either, still unchanged, in the end I had to let my mom have MX5 installed so she could play these games. If you can find out why it doesn't work and I'll be happy to fix it. And it does another version of Monster Buster HexaBlaster I've only noticed this in these games
  4. Hello, I have a problem to open the game Monster Busters, other versions of this game in MX 6 in MX 5 also work without problems. Opening the game I think on FB. Is there anything to set up? Please Help, thanks Peter