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  1. s_ta_s replied at 2014-12-31 07:02 Unfortunately extensions like Stylish do not work in Quick Access. To edit the Quick Access you need ... I don't use "Stylish" as an extension (at least I'm not aware that I do). Is it needed? Honestly, I don't get why I do have to do it such a complicated way, for if I go to "Dial Options" and then to the "Customize dial style" tab, there is a large entry box.saying "Custom CSS". The instructions there say: "Enter your custom CSS without the So I assume that I just have to put my CSS here. However, I don't know - for example - which CSS classes/elements affect what part of my dials, and this is the information I am looking for.
  2. Where are the Maxthon 4 settings stored on the Mac? I would like to back them up.
  3. I would like to configure my Quick Access Dials for having a thicker border. Which CSS Style do I need to change? More generally: Is there a somewhere a documentation, which CSS styles are suitable to change via the "User CSS" settings in the dial style configuration menu.