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  1. Because it looks nice the way it look in the preview. If I wanted the final thing I would have waited for it and made the switch from Maxthon to Project Spartan... EDIT 02-Apr-2015: Now that an official Windows 10 build with Spartan has been publicly released, it would be nice to see someone make a skin Don't get me wrong, having the real deal is awesome, but Maxthon has sooooo much more functionality
  2. No.1MaxthonFan replied at 2015-1-24 16:43 For heavens sake, wait until it becomes available so someone can take a look at it. One screenshot ... You didn't have to be so "rude"... I was talking about the UI, someone could recreate the images used for the skin in Photoshop. I'm not asking for "features" or something like that :|
  3. Would be amazing if someone could make a Project Spartan skin for Maxthon 4 Info/Screenshot here - http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ie/archive/2015/01/22/project-spartan-and-the-windows-10-january-preview-build.aspx