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  1. wondering if anyone found an answer to this yet, from reading posts looking for an answer I see alot of people getting mad at people that don't like this feature and telling them to use another browser, we don't want the feature taken back out, just the option to turn it off. I'm looking for a new browser after Opera destroyed itself and so far maxthon is the only one I remotely like otherwise I would go to something else. The problem is most browsers are trying to be the same thing. Instead of having features you can turn on or off, they all seem to be removing the features I use and adding features I don't want with no way to turn them off. Relating to this topic; when I start typing in the address bar, the only suggestion I want is from my favorites, NOTHING ELSE. Please Maxthon, your the closed I've found to a browser that I like.
  2. in version i'm able to tile the image for the browser background, I installed version on a fresh install of windows 10 tech preview and notice there is no longer an option to tile the background image. Is this hidden or taken out. Thanks.