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  1. sajphon replied at 2015-1-25 08:21 not yet! Lots of work in company But soon it will be Give it a week please No rush at all, take your time! I just don't want to miss it ;-)
  2. sajphon replied at 2015-1-5 12:41 I started to develop custom CSS modification extension. It's main features: 1. It's in english! any beta's to test yet? I'm ready and waiting :-)
  3. SWFlash0 replied at 2014-12-31 05:44 Want to know my opinion on this? 1. There shouldn't had been support for CSS in the AdHunter in the ... I don't care what option is put where and how it is called - if it's here and it's working I'm 100% happy :victory: Now let's take a look at ABP: is it working better as ad hunter? No. Does it have any additional usefull functions or options? No. Is it at least working as good as ad hunter? Noo… So why to try to fix something what's not broken? Users are asking for it? Fine - make it as optional feature, everyone will be happy and I hope Maxthon creators will go this way. Ad hunter is one of the couple reasons why I'm using Maxthon, if it will go, I might go too - there are plenty soulless browsers out there and Maxthon is slowly becomming one of them…