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  1. Oliver One replied at 2015-3-3 10:21 This exchange via the LAN is only if you are connected with Passport Account. Don't forget as in thi ... Yeah I know that yet it still isn't the answer I was looking for, thanks anyway. But mb I'm getting your answer wrong? So far that I think maybe that request is basically a check over all devices in LAN if they have Maxthon with same ID so that if both are offline they'd know about each other, but then again while PC is offline and Android online - denying that particular direct connection and sending files/tabs over LAN works perfectly fine, so maybe it is for auto-sync if offline or smth like that? That would make sense. As for the picture - try to refresh, my Maxthon loads it perfectly fine, or just open it by direct link, if that fails I can download it and upload on some hosting service, but there is nothing special in that image.
  2. I guess you're right, but that is kinda generalized, moreover something there makes no sense at all. Just before I start posting about what makes no sense - I'm definitely not going to "modify, create a derivative work of, reverse engineer, decompile or otherwise attempt to extract the source code of the Software or any part thereof", it's just that somehow I found that image on web : As I'm definitely not going to walk through all code it looks like that particular dll is just what it looks like on that picture The nonsense here lies in that sync Tab and file push works great even if connection is denied, if not then it accepts TCP request (e.g. Maxthon.exe) and receive and send something, if connection denied it just DC that particular TCP request :lol That's why I'm interested in what exactly it does, cose it makes no sense if it is just sync, mb I just don't see something obvious as I haven't dug that deep into Maxthon and that's not what I'd want to do, but I'm just curious about what exactly this soft does on my machine, that's it P.S. Just in advance - I can definitely distinguish if it pushes through internet or LAN, but mb it has to deal with sync of smth else through LAN to my Android device which would still make no sense if those 2 works.
  3. As far as I understood simple questions go here? (your FAQ/rules thread doesn't specify exactly, seems like here but anyways specify it in FAQ someone does read those, or alternatively add descriptions to sections of forum) Question itself: I'm just interested in what exactly Maxthon browsers want on the same LAN when one of those get launched while the other one already runs? (In my case it's Windows + Android) I just blocked connection between them so far and haven't bothered to either look through your code or look through packets (as it will take some time and I don't have that much of it xD), and my search haven't given me any valuable result both on the forum and net. Does it establish some kind of service/connection for THIS or what?