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  1. Hi 1. In all browsers when you reopen closed tab you can navigate forward and backward through tab history. But it can't be done in current Maxthon for Mac 4.5.1 2. When are you planning to add gestures settings? I’d like to set a few (for new tab at least). 3. And yes, without plugins it’s hard to use it. I very miss for uBlock (adBlock), gmail checker, speed Dial 2 (current start page looks fine but useless). So, I’m still on 4. Existing start page, speed dial. a) I’d like to have ability setup size of dials grid (5x5, 5x6 etc.). b) I’d like to have ability setup images for dials (image, screenshot of current site). c) I’d like to have settings to switch off search bar in start page. I’m usually using address bar for this. d) Why Ctrl+Click on dial doesn’t open new tab in background? As for me it’s standard of behavior for all browsers! It’s so inconvenient!!! Thank you for your work! Still your fun!