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  1. *Cough* Over 4K links in IE Favorites because Maxthon had originally imported my IE Favorites when I first started using it. I didn't realize it until doing the import tests. I haven't used any of those IE links in maybe a decade. But from day to day, I store tabs I have open into a group for that day and keep them in case I need to go back to a previous day or month. Whoa, I have another 11K favorites from storing 3 years of browsing. I'm a packrat when it comes to storing information unfortunately. I have a lot of trimming to do. The title of the the bad link was: . . Zenhiser, EDM Drums. 275 Incredible EDM Drum Sounds, Drum Beats, Drum Rolls & Drum FX All In One Super Sample Pack! - Zenhiser It actually points to http://www.zenhiser.com/edm-drums-samples.html I think my PC corrupted the title somehow because the webpage itself doesn't have the . . in front of the page's name. If you try to make a shortcut with that tilte and import it and it messes up your Favorites, do not blame me! Do it on a separate maxthon install please.
  2. Okay, I figured out the bad link. When I exported my Favorites, one of the links in the "To Buy" Favorites folder got a period space period space added to the beginning of it, as in ". . Zennheiser EDM Drums.html" or perhaps my computer corrupted the filename, who knows. So when I removed the two periods and spaces, and changed it to "Zennheiser EDM Drums.html" then I was able to do a successful import. Version can't handle importing 1.5 MBs of Favorites. (Version can handle it easily, but the current version cannot). Importing that many Favorites will make the sidebar Favorites, and the Favorites Manager nonfunctional, or it appears they aren't working since they both remain completely blank for a long time (I waited 42 minutes) whereas version imported everything in maybe 10 seconds. The Favorites toolbar will still populate with all the Favorites I imported. So I am just going to import my Favorites one folder at a time in version And done! Unless someone wants me to test something else. Thank you for the all help everyone!
  3. Thank you very much for the info,and also I forgot to thank 7twenty for all the previous help. IDK though, I can import everything except for that one folder which makes MX Favorites stay blank for a long time. I guess I could try waiting much longer. Actually, that didn't work. As soon as I sign into Passport, it blanks out Mx:Favorites - which started this thread, because MX:Favorites never populates my favorites from my passport account into it. It isn't as if I just started using the current version and then 5 minutes later I made my original post yesterday. This issue appeared when I updated it a couple days ago and I finally got some time yesterday to figure out a good place to make a post about it. ADDED: Okay, I think understand now what you said. To just use the sidebar instead of the Favorites Manager? Added: Well, it has been 42 minutes now and still nothing showing in the Favorites sidebar. I think the "To Buy" Favorite folder I mentioned earlier just contains something bad in it as 7twenty proposed.
  4. Well, I've narrowed it down to something wrong in my "To Buy" folder of Favorites, but it contains 294 links to look through. I also tested importing everything into, and that version is fine with the entire import of all my Favorites.
  5. Yeah, that could be it. I'll have to play with it some other time tomorrow then. The longest part is uninstalling and reinstalling. I'll post here if I figure it out.
  6. Okay, yeah, it is something in my Favorites breaking the Favorites Manager. After importing my Faves, it wiped the original favorites in Favorites Manager clean, the manager shows as empty, and now I can't add anything new to the manager either. Anything I add does show up in the the sidebar and the toolbar. My imported Favorites did not show up in the sidebar this time. The original favorites still stay in there. Unlike the behavior where in my passport account, importing my Favorites wiped the sidebar favorites clean also. Unfortunately, clearing all user data, cookies, history, and the cache, from the browser doesn't get Favorites manager working again. And I'm not that patient to fully uninstall and try importing different things to see what does it either, heh. I'll just have to start over again. Well, at least I have my Favorites saved on my drive. I guess this is solved unless you have anything else I could try.
  7. This guest account works fine. I can add new websites as favorites and they show up in the sidebar, the favorites toolbar, and also in the Favorites Manager. I haven't tried logging into my account or importing my old favorites yet.
  8. I've already done a clean reinstall though (6th post from top). I cleared all my userdata during uninstall and so forth.
  9. No. I also just tried importing my favorites (that I exported earlier above). There is a checkbox that deletes the current data before importing so I checked that. I got the message "Import Successful!". However, the sidebar still shows no favorites and the Favorites Manager page shows none either.
  10. Favorites are showing in the toolbar, and if I click on the little yellow star on the toolbar, they show in the dropdown. On the sidebar though, if I click on the white star in the gold square, it is completely empty. When I export my favorites, all my favorites are correctly there in the new folder (that I put on my hard drive).
  11. Thank you for your help! When I said "Of course not!" earlier, I meant that jokingly, so I'm sorry if it looked like I was upset, which I'm not. Well, I have good news and bad news. I uninstalled (cleared all user data), did a clean install of the current version again. Bad news: Favorites Manager still shows nothing. Online Favorites shows everything. I also tried Syncing the Favorites but mx://favorites/ is still empty.
  12. Of course not! I'm worried about losing all my favorites and cookies and autologons for different websites. Does the passport account save it all? Here's another question, why doesn't the Online Favorites of my Passport account synchronize with the new MX://Favorites/ page?
  13. If I click on the Star, and then click on Favorites Manager, it starts the "mx://favorites/" page, which is completely empty. And thanks, you also helped me figure out the issue. In version still on my laptop, the Favorites Manager starts the page "about:favorites", which shows all my favorites. But in the new version,, starting the Favorites Manager starts the mx://favorites/ page, which is empty. Even if I go to the "about:favorites" page in the new version, there is nothing there.
  14. My Favorites bar is working and has all my favorites. However, when I use the Favorites Manager, nothing is in there at all. Version
  15. It is doing the same thing that Chrome does where it loads every page separately for faster retrieval from RAM. Not sure if it is using more RAM with higher versions, but I have had to close the browser more often now when using CPU hungry programs (like music DAWs Reaper, Sonar, Live, etc.).
  16. This also happened to me on Chase.com when trying to login, and also when myloops.net directed me to Paypal when I was trying to buy something from myloops.net. I kept clicking Log In on the Paypal popup and it didn't work. I had to use IE instead for both sites. Used to work fine in previous maxthon version before I am running Windows 7 Ultime SP1 64-bit
  17. I use two Samsung 24" monitors and I'm running Display Fusion Pro 7.3.4 which is current (I've been using 2 monitors and DisplayFusion since Jan 2011). I'm using Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate SP1. The issues I am describing below have never occured since October 2014 when I first started using Maxthon. Issue 1: I updated my Maxthon today to the current version and it automatically selected the Maxthon start page. However, when I closed it and reopened it later, all I see is a blank white screen; which I am guessing is some portion of the Maxthon start page. I can't see the sidebar either. If I hit F11 twice, then I am able to get the start page back to normal size on my screen. I can set the start page to my own URL or the New Tab window. However, if I reselect the Maxthon start page to start from when I start Maxthon, again I get the blank white screen. If I create a new Maxthon window and move it to the 2nd monitor, then the Maxthon window appears out of view directly above the top boundary of my 2nd monitor. I can use "Restore" from the Windows 7 taskbar , and it will appear in the center of my 2nd monitor. If I resize the 2nd Maxthon window (on my 2nd screen), and attempt to maximize it, it jumps to the top and outside of my 2nd monitor's viewable area, and I have to use "Restore" or Move to make it visible again. The previous versions of Maxthon didn't do this and were working perfectly well with Display Fusion Pro all the way back to version 5.1 of Display Fusion (installed on Nov 27 2013). Issue 2: If I create a New Tab, all the URL blocks I used to have are missing. What is in their place now are 4 small blocks that are cycling in clockwise order.