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  1. I need your help please! If there is nothing can help please let me know so i stop bothering you and stop bothering people in the forum with my problem. Thank you.
  2. Hello, Thank you BugSir007 for replying, I do not use any special extensions I use LAN and also WiFi it doesn't work on each, No proxies, I always use Ultra mode, the button was just hidden, I wasn't using browser account. I try to download another version and install it, hoping it work as it did before, but this time i downloaded but after i installed it, it didn't work, but i have weird Error, didn't face it before, ill attach picture for this error, after it's fixed it still not working. Please if you need any file from my system let me know, maybe this error stored some where. Thank you for welling to help.
  3. Thank you so much for your ideas, i disabled adhunter and all extensions, but still not fixed, also i downloaded latest Mx. beta .... not fixed still, I even downloaded portal version, still not fixed, i changed my internet source, also not fixed. Im so sorry for annoying you, but i still have faith you may find out why i get the problem, let me know if you need some files or something.
  4. Thank you so much for your reply. But, I'm not using a Passport account, I also did try to delete cookies, I checked all options to clear and then cleared it ...... Nothing happened, it still same not fixed. BTW after the version stop working, if i installed it again, it doesn't work again, just work one time, ill try to download any version before and see. hope i can find any solution here because there is no other place to go :'(
  5. Hello everybody I really need your help to fix this problem because i believe i will find the solution here. problem started 4 days ago after i closed Maxthon, next time i was trying to join the call in hangouts, it did not join, it just stopped at hangouts logo page and never turned to video call. I did try to fix it myself; 1. I un installed maxthon also deleted personal files too then reinstalled it, Didnt fix the problem 2. Downloaded latest and installed it after uninstall, Didnt fix the problem. 3. Changed UAs many times on each version, Didnt fix the problem. 4. Allow sites to run plug-ins and cookies are enabled. 5. I un installed everything then i downloaded and installed it, then Hangouts worked wonderful, till i closed the browser, then it stopped working again. 6. I un installed then downloaded and installed it, Hangouts also worked till i closed the browser. BTW Hangouts works fine on all other browsers. So i really need your help to fix this annoying problem.