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  1. are there any news related to this question? is something at least planned? or should i foget it?
  2. meanwhile... may be somebody can recommend alternative up-to-date browser with old mx style last-visits handling?
  3. in MX5 it was the following: i open some number of tabs (let's name them #1, #2, #3 for example). stop the browser - in any way: alt-f4, windows rebooting due to its updates, reset button... after starting the browser, if the "Open on startup" setting was set to "Last session", the mx://last-visit/ page was opened with links to tabs #1, #2, #3 from my last session. i click the #2 link to re-open that tab. then i open some new tabs (#4, #5). and finally i close tabs #2 and #4. now i restart the browser again - and in mx://last-visit/ i have links not from the LAST SESSION only (according to the setting's name), but to all the pages i have not closed directly by myself (#1, #3, #5). in MX6 it is changed. in mx://last-visit/ there are only links from tabs that have been opened at the monent of last session closing. links that will not be re-opened to tabs in current session from mx://last-visit/, in next session will be lost. is it possible to get that "incorrect MX5 behavior" back in MX6? may be i've missed some settings?