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  1. yep, and that's why i offer they connect via AnyDesk and see for themselves, without relying on my words (which may be inaccurate). btw, i have no extensions excluding google translate & adblock. user data initially was created by some early mx7, no improt (excluding qa was from mx5 cloud settings).
  2. do you mean "try to achieve 2-3 weeks uptime on and see if..."? i suppose, mx will be updated 2-3 times by that time. and you will say something like "could you try downloading the latest version V7.0.3.1500 and see if this issue persist?". saying it again: noticed this problem on earlier mx7. meanwhile, having freezed closing tab for about 12+ hours. i have no choice: will have to kill it. and, ok, will upgrade it.
  3. well, now it takes 1.5hours to close some (not any) of the tabs... what about AnyDesk connection?
  4. windows & mx uptime is 16 days. 50+ open tabs. noticed that some of the tabs begin to freeze for 10-20-30 seconds when i close them, while others close as normal... some of theese tabs were opened 10-15 hours ago. i switched to and from them many times, and also many times I followed links within theese tabs. i tried to reproduce freezeng by reopening one of theese tabs, and following links in it for 20-30 times, but no - it closed without problems...
  5. a week. or maybe a couple of days gives this effect too? but the total program uptime should be waaaaay to looooooong, 2-3 weeks maybe. it's difficult to bugreport something that long - because i'm not purposefully testing my browser, i'm just using it. but i'm not sure if time is the only reason. as i sad, i often have 2-4-8 dozens of open tabs. and probably 50 times or more tabs are already closed by that time... don't remember having anything in "earlier session" since mx5... (i feel no need having "earlier session". i understand this behavior could be not exactly that developers planned, but i feel comfortable having all my tabs from all earlier sessions in one list.)
  6. noticed in some earlier 7 versions, and still persists. i rarely turn off/reboot my pc, maybe once a month, just to install windows updates or some other maintenance. during this time, several dozen "useful/interesting, will read later" tabs accumulate in the browser... 1. closing tabs: a tab opened recently tends to close fairly quickly. a tab that has been open for a long time can take a very long time to close: minutes, hours, or even days. 2. last session: if i forcibly close the browser by taskmanager (doesn't matter if the browser in normal state or frozen/busy closing the tab), then after restarting it, there are no tabs from the last session on the mx://last-visit/ page. f5 (page refresh) doesn't help. i need to restart browser again for them to appear.
  7. in mx5 there was Settings - Advanced - Proxy settings, and i had 2 PAC files there, so i could easily switch between them or disable proxy at all by pressing "Proxy" button in adress bar. in mx7 beta i only found Settings - Advanced - System - Open proxy settings, that opens native windows proxy settings. i can enter only one PAC there. and it feels very unconvenient to swith way to change PAC file or toggle proxy on the fly... is this a current proxy handling logic, or i missed something?
  8. are there any news related to this question? is something at least planned? or should i foget it?
  9. meanwhile... may be somebody can recommend alternative up-to-date browser with old mx style last-visits handling?
  10. in MX5 it was the following: i open some number of tabs (let's name them #1, #2, #3 for example). stop the browser - in any way: alt-f4, windows rebooting due to its updates, reset button... after starting the browser, if the "Open on startup" setting was set to "Last session", the mx://last-visit/ page was opened with links to tabs #1, #2, #3 from my last session. i click the #2 link to re-open that tab. then i open some new tabs (#4, #5). and finally i close tabs #2 and #4. now i restart the browser again - and in mx://last-visit/ i have links not from the LAST SESSION only (according to the setting's name), but to all the pages i have not closed directly by myself (#1, #3, #5). in MX6 it is changed. in mx://last-visit/ there are only links from tabs that have been opened at the monent of last session closing. links that will not be re-opened to tabs in current session from mx://last-visit/, in next session will be lost. is it possible to get that "incorrect MX5 behavior" back in MX6? may be i've missed some settings?