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  1. this is so easly feature. thanks for suggestion
  2. I also wanted to give this nice info
  3. When we change default search engine, shortcuts and features in Google Services are not available. For example; "Search image in Google" shortcut when we right click on image
  4. If you change search engine, you will not be able to use features such as "Search images in Google".
  5. n3ujx


    no 😄 but this extension have website so cool sounds. i so like
  6. GoFullPage - Full Page Screen Capture: CLICK
  7. Steam Inventory Helper: CLICK
  8. FACEIT Enhancher: CLICK
  9. Emoji Keyboard by JoyPixels: CLICK
  10. Maxthon keeps getting better
  11. Infinity New Tab (Pro) (Don't look at what it says PRO. all features free): CLICK
  12. thank you so much
  13. Settings > Advance > Privacy and Security > Send "Do Not Track" Request With Traffic > Trafikle Birlikte "İzleme" İsteği Gönder Settings > Advance > System > Close to system tray > Sistem tepsisi özelliğini kapatın Always show icon in system tray > Simgeyi her zaman sistem tepsisinde göster Minimize to system tray > Sistem tepsisine küçült USER > Access Maxthon Cloud > Maxthon Bulut'a Giriş Yap HELP > MORE > About Us > Hakkımızda Terms of Service Agreement > Hizmet Şartları Sözleşmesi
  14. advanced settings should be added, many settings can be made in google chrome. example; site settings (flash, cookies, camera, microphone and others) these features should be corrected its MX5 version its MX6 version
  15. What is the status of adding this feature? This feature needs to come. Vivaldi browser has this feature.
  16. this post add on MX6 please The settings section should be very advanced, for example advanced settings in google chrome I want Turkish language support Quality plugins The core should be developed (In the private messages section on Twitch etc. it is very problem) There are too many problems in MX5 right now
  17. This causes the browser plug-ins can not be removed smooth and beautiful?
  18. hesaplar kapatılmadı şifreleme sistemi değiştirildi önceki hesabınızın kayıtlı olduğu eposta adresine mail atın yani şifremi unuttum yapıp tekrar maxthonun verdiği şifreyle giriş yapabilirsiniz.
  19. arkadaşlar son aylarda film, dizi izlerken mail.ru hariç öbür playerlarda bozulma oldu neden bilmiyorum ama adam gibi film izleyemiyorum artık öbür tarayıcılarda böyle bişi yok ne kadar çabalasamda maxthon çerezleri falan temizlesem dahi sonuç elde eldemedim. bunu izleyin nedeni bu http://youtu.be/1EBDUn4noMM