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  1. Microsoft just released Windows 10 build 10166 to its Insider Preview members, and now a newer build has leaked. Currently, the leaked version, build 10176, is only available in Chinese. Even more precautions than normal should be taken when dealing with leaked software, as it may be prone to some nasty bugs.

    With Microsoft nearing the July 29 Windows 10 release, it is no surprise to see the frequency of builds increasing. If you are interested in hunting down build 10176, you can do so at your own risk.

  2. 10163 is around or the release notes are - i think we will see many more builds before the end of the month

    We probably won't see another release until Monday.

  3. The previous install (10158) did something to the Wi-Fi on my Surface Pro 3.  It just crawls at only 3Mbps, whereas my Desktop, sitting right next to it is getting 80Mbps on the same Wi-Fi connection.  Wasn't like this before.  Better send some feedback.

  4. says its available on mine - then says system needs a restart from there its round the same loop - leave it until later - wont be looking at it until tonight so hopefully it will have got its head from up its bum by then

    I had that same problem with my Surface Pro 3.  Darned thing just would go into a loop and I just had to do a number of forced shutdowns and restarts before it finally took.  But once it did, it went like a house-a-fire.

  5. @ > THANKS No.1MaxthonFan  :top: it's working perfect, i just have to remember where the things are, in this new Skin, have never used this kind of skin before. :)

    Do like the where the settings are now, up in the left corner, now don't have to move the mouse so mush, very handy with the Tool Box in bottom also. Have turned of Side Bar to = Perfect... 

    Best Regards Ohke

    The thanks go to Wilser, as he created this one for me.  He had made the original one and the tabs were on top and I asked him if he would please make me a version with the tabs under the Favorites Bar.  He is a genius at creating skins.

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  6. looked at 10147 and it was solid but it was not happy with updates so gone back to 10130 which is good - i get a memory error when closing the pc - had it on 2 different pc's - not investigated - am assuming its just my copy 

    No, it's not your copy, a lot of people, including myself have the same problem.  And why are you installing leaked copies?  That can be dangerous especially since they are coming out of China.

  7. I try'ed to Download this Colored Tabs.mxskin (=1Kb)

    But i only get Default skin out of this, no colors in any tabs... Is something missing, or a setting that must be done.??

    (if i use the Chinese Paper Skin (but this is closed between 1:00 and 7:00 in china) there is color tabs.?? Like the color Tabs, but not the rest of it)

    Best Regards Ohke

    P.S. Test of my skin attachicon.gifOhke Mx Skin.png attachicon.gifOhke Mx Skin.mxskin

    Download it from here:

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  8. 10147 is out there - its getting nearer the finished article - install screens are different different - offered a choice of home or pro - not seen that before that i remember but not done a clean install for a while - not seen much else different so far

    I wouldn't install if I were you.  It's leaked from a Chinese source and heaven only knows what it will do.  I'll wait for the official release.

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  9. Shame i am so used to colorful tabs in Firefox that i really miss that now.


    OHHHH yes please, would love it :-)


    Hmmm so to color the drop down tabs in the fav bar it would have to be done by a skin?

    I don't know if the drop down tabs in the Fav. Bar can be colored by a skin or not.  We would have to ask someone who makes skins to answer that.  Anyway, here is the skin I mentioned.  Hope you like it.


    Colored Tabs.mxskin


    Just click on it and when it asks if you want to use this skin, just click on Yes.

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  10. @ntzphyr, they are releasing Build 10136 for Windows Phones tomorrow.  Thank heavens because a lot of apps just haven't worked for a long time and they are all the ones I use all the time.

  11. Any chance of having a color fav folder option? and maybe even a color tab option? Id love that, it help to see folders and tabs quicker  :)


    Or does anyone know of a plugin or addon for this? I couldn't find one.

    The color of the Folders for Favorites is controlled by Windows, you can try to change it that way, but I've played around with it before and it works in other browsers, but not in Maxthon.


    As far as colored Tabs.  I use a skin that was created for me.  Here's a screen shot and if you want it, I can upload it for you.


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  12. Edge(spartan) is temperamental at best at this point.

    ​But it does open "Last Tabs" automatically!!!!!:top: 

    Yes, it sure is temperamental.  Had a problem with it yesterday evening, but seems to be OK today.  Must be a female.   :mdr:

  13. well i went back a version and then updated back to 10130 and spartan is still not working - so downloaded the iso and did an over install and again its not helped - so looks like a clean install later - no big deal its only a test laptop

    Did you download the ISO for build 10074, do a clean install of 10074 and then upgrade to 10130?  That solved all my problems.  But I see in the Communities that Spartan is causing problems for others too, but I don't know if they did what I did.

  14. well i went back a version and then updated back to 10130 and spartan is still not working - so downloaded the iso and did an over install and again its not helped - so looks like a clean install later - no big deal its only a test laptop

    If only it didn't take so darned long.  :titter: