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  1. You can safely delete that file. It's the one that checks for newer versions of Maxthon, but the latest versions are posted here first, which I see you already have.
  2. DARKSTORM replied at 2015-3-2 22:18 As simple as what No.1MaxthonFan said, or you can use magic fill to save your username/email and pas ... But not every site allows "auto-fill". For example, most banking sites don't allow it.
  3. Check the box that says "Keep me signed in".
  4. Can you provide us with a link to try to see what is going on? I also suggest you download and install the latest version of Maxthon.
  5. ultra7up replied at 2015-3-1 12:04 But tell me is it logo safe or not ??? Yes, it is safe.
  6. odyssee replied at 2015-3-1 02:15 I get the safe logo, and I have the same issue.... I see the "Safe" logo, but no problem with anything else.
  7. Sanvi replied at 2015-2-28 14:53 Primero esa pagina ni la visito. La unica que visito es Lo demas no me i ... Es que esa pagina es de tu pasaporte y tu entrada a la nube. Cuando te registras para este foro, también estas registrando para pasaporte, que te facilita tener tu información en la nube y se guarda allí automáticamente, o al menos que lo hayas deshabilitado. 12055
  8. Sanvi replied at 2015-2-28 12:23 No todos tenemos un registro en la nube Por ejemplo yo Y cuando visitas ¿que ves allí?
  9. UFO106 replied at 2015-2-28 10:12 I've tried to cheat using the user-agent, telling it that it's a new version of Chrome (and Firefox) ... I tried it on Firefox Nightly, but it doesn't work there. Apparently only works on Chrome and it does work nicely there.
  10. Sanvi replied at 2015-2-28 11:19 Con el gestor de favoritos exporta tus favoritos a internet explorer o a una carpeta que elijas. Lue ... ¿Y para que tanto lío? Al instalar una nueva versión de Maxthon, y al entrar en su Pasaporte, se sincronizan los favoritos de la nube. Tengo años usando Maxthon Cloud Browser y nunca he perdido un favorito.
  11. Was hoping for the same thing. Hope they can get it to run on Maxthon.
  12. MsUmib replied at 2015-2-26 15:08 Thanks for replying, but it does not take effect it keeps crashing anyway Unfortunately development on Maxthon for Windows Phones has stopped as they are looking for another developer to take over the project. No word yet on how that is going.
  13. Only suggestion I have is to try to un-install and then re-install it to see if that fixes whatever is causing it to crash. I have Maxthon on my Lumia 1520 and it has never crashed, but it does have other problems that have never been fixed.
  14. DARKSTORM replied at 2015-2-24 20:53 This is an old issue of mine if I remember correctly, Try a clean install(Delete Mx folder on Progra ... Yes, that's why I suggested that too. A clean install fixes a lot of problems. Just installing over the top of a version that has problems only propagates that problem.
  15. I think it's time to stop repeating the same thing over and over and over and over. They know there's a problem and we have to give them time to respond. In the mean time, if it really is a concern, stop using Maxthon and use another browser. Most who are posting are still using Maxthon in spite of the problem, so apparently it's not all that serious.
  16. Leo29jl replied at 2015-2-24 09:41 En la barra lateral se pueden colocar la páginas como favoritas? Porque en versiones anteriores se ... Desafortunadamente, en estas ultimas versiones, no se puede colocar favoritos en la barra lateral.
  17. Leo29jl replied at 2015-2-24 07:37 Creo que es eso, pero entro en y me salen la opciones de reproducir en ve ... Es que tienes que empezar el video. 11970 Y en YouTube, solamente en Retro Mode puedes usar Flash. YouTube nos esta forzando usar HTML5.
  18. odyssee replied at 2015-2-24 07:11 yes you're right, it should be a priority.... Been reported for years. Just another sign that they just don't give a damn.
  19. Leo29jl replied at 2015-2-23 22:55 Si ahí te muestro ¿Estas tratando de bajar vídeos de YouTube? La Barra Flotante estará disponible con vídeos Flash solamente y no con HTML5. ¿Puede investigar como esta viendo los vídeos o puede ver en otro sitio con vídeos Flash?
  20. hossam-poc replied at 2015-2-23 15:21 for example ; page zoom % , Open on startup I have several pages that open on start and I just set my zoom level to 150% and closed and opened Maxthon several times and it remained at 150%. After you change those settings, make sure you close the re-open Maxthon. If that doesn't work, I suggest a clean install.
  21. ¿Tienes activado la Barra de vídeo flotante? 11967
  22. I says it's loading a language which is changing the keyboard layout.