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  1. Build 10572 will be released in a half hour or so.

    Edit: for phone, missed that earlier....and it's now live...

    This crap that we have to restore 8.1 has got to stop.

  2. I'm still d/loading but I'm guessing we'll have to go through the entire update process we've done in the past with th2 releases. Why can't updates to these releases be as regular background updates without the install process? It's getting old....

    OT. Just closed the tab accidentally and reopened to find all my pre-posted text in place once I focused on the text box! phew :) but nice

    Yes, I know, and I agree with you 100%.  Wish it would be just a background update and be done with it.

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  3. New update issued to the Windows Insider Fast Ring.  Build 10565.  Windows phone update later this week, Build 10559.

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  4. Drag and drop doesn't work on Facebook when adding images to your albums for example. Works fine on google images. I tested using a newer version than simbiat is using. 


    Edit: As far as I can tell, you can't do it with other browsers either.

    I just dragged and dropped an image to my Facebook page and it worked as expected.  Don't know why others are having problems.  Windows 10 Build 10547.

  5. This whole rapid release thing is going well so far. Lot's of bugfixes, updates etc. Not sure about anyone else, but i haven't found any major issues with programs not working or crashes etc.

    I haven't found any issues with this build yet either, but I do have to check my Windows 7 machine I updated to Windows 10.  None of my Favorites links work in Internet Explorer and I can't drag/drop a link to the desktop either.  I've sent feedback several times, so hope it's solved.  And I just checked this install and all my favorites are gone from Internet Explorer.  Planned obsolescence?



    EDIT:  Ok, just imported Favorites from an HTML file into Internet Explorer, so they did fix it.  Thank heavens.  Still have to check on the upgraded Windows 7 machine to see if that is also fixed.

  6. The reason they gave, as I stated in my previous post, was that the program was not compatible with win10.

    The actual name of the app is CPUID CPU-Z, I've reinstalled ver 1.73.

    It is the only app I have installed that doesn't show the author, maybe M$ knows something I don't about the app.

    If you have re-installed the program and it is working, why was the original install incompatible?  Something just doesn't sound right here.

  7. Are you sure it was uninstalled and not just the link to the program was broken for some reason?


    I find it hard to believe that Microsoft would delete programs from a users PC especially without some sort of notification that it's malicious or in some way dodgy.

    Yes, Microsoft may do some wonky things, but deleting a program from someones computer is definitely NOT one of them.

  8. I just want to know your personal experience thanks

    I personally prefer a Surface Pro 3.  But you might want to wait because the Surface Pro 4 will be announced in October.

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    In total you recommend me buy a laptop or Surface pro 3 which ones? thanks


    Do your own research Roxana.  Whichever one you can afford is the one you should get.

  10. So Surface pro 3 is a Tablet with windows10 and we know a Tablet has a battery with keeping 12 hours charge but a laptop always needs power connected adaptor so Is Laptop out of mode ? 

    Who told you a laptop always needs a power connector attached?  Laptops have batteries too and you can get an extended life battery and always keep one charging and the other one in the laptop.

  11. I am in doubt which ones is better? A Tablet with Microsoft surface pro 3 or A laptop with Windows 10 what 's your idea? 

    Depends on your preference.  The Surface pro 3 is 12 inches whereas a laptop can be up to 17 inches.  I have Windows 10 installed on my Surface Pro 3 and I love it.

  12. 10525 is about - just downloading it on test machine - said to be more colours in title bars etc - there could hardly be less

    Yeah, nothing really earth shaking about this one.  So big deal, you can change the color of the title bar.  Wow. LOL

  13. I just installed the final release.

    Cortana does not like my microphone :(

    but it looks like I can find all things I used to find in windows seven

    I'm a bit desoriented with the connected stuffs ( ie microsoft account), and I'm not sure that I like it and I might disable it

    Yes, there is a slight learning curve for Windows 10, but you'll get it and I'm sure you are going to like it.  Here's a French video I hope will help you.

  14. 10240 installing as i type this - see what that has to offer

    So, what do you think?  Just installed it on my Surface Pro 3 and it's still installing on my desktop.  Then I have to do my other desktop.

  15. In an updated blog post, Windows Insider chief Gabriel Aul has announced that, over the next 24 hours, Microsoft will suspend the release of Windows Insider PC builds as the company prepares for the full release of Windows 10 at the end of July.

    The intent behind the move is to stress test the production release channels in preparation for a full rollout following Windows 10's July 29 release date. Here's what Microsoft says you can expect over the next 24 hours:

    • Builds 10162 and 10166 will no longer be offered over Windows Update, and whatever build you're on will show as "up to date" if you check for new builds.
    • ISOs for build 10162 will be taken down from the
       site, and pre-release keys will no longer activate builds.

    Windows Insiders will be among the first to to snag the final RTM build, which our sources claim is build 10240. ISOs will be available again in the future, but for the time being, Microsoft is focusing on distributing the RTM build through Windows Update to stress test its release channel.

    It is not clear when Insiders will be able to get the 10240 RTM build, however, we are inclined to believe it won't be too long from now.

    Source: Microsoft

  16. Apparently MS is up to 105xx internally, so testers are quite a few builds behind. Seeing how much has been polished up in the last 3-4 builds, I think it bodes well for whatever we might see in the 105xx builds and RTM.

    Oh, yes, we will always be a few builds behind Microsoft.  They work out all the major bugs before releasing them to us to finish finding the rest of the bugs.