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  1. odyssee replied at 2015-2-21 07:06 back.gif

    my bad : as I clear it rather often, I was thinking it worked... then it's another unfixed issue.. ...


    I know. I think this has been reported for ages, but again, ignored. I'm wondering if they are looking at the underlined dates and think there is history there or if they are actually clicking on the dates. I know it sounds silly, but you never know. ;P

  2. odyssee replied at 2015-2-21 06:08 back.gif

    online history works fine here.. it's just that I delete it from times to times (last time was 4 d ...


    11940 Even though the date is underlined, there is no local history for that date.

    11941 Date clicked on and date showing do not match on Local history.

    11942 Anything before Feb. 14th is non-existant and I do not clear my history and never have. This is the Online History




  3. VladCarlsson replied at 2015-2-3 14:50 back.gif

    You didn't have to be so "rude"... I was talking about the UI, someone could recreate the images u ...

    I wasn't being "rude" I was being realistic. The screenshot in that blog is in no way indicative of what Spartan is going to look like in the finished product, therefore, why create something that is in no way going to resemble the shipped product?