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  1. PhilK replied at 2014-2-22 09:06 Thanks, fellers. Appreciate the help You're welcome.
  2. PhilK replied at 2014-2-22 05:33 ....Its the cloud browser by the way Check out this thread: he has lots of customized skins and you may find the one you are looking for.
  3. TDTKT replied at 2014-2-17 08:49 I can't PM you, cause I don't have the right access. So there it is : Here's the SDK
  4. loooping8 replied at 2014-1-22 11:10 So its ok Tony there are so many points you mention wy you can't show the skin for download up and ... Thread has been taken off topic. Please start your own thread if you want to discuss further topics NOT related to this thread. Thank you.
  5. Very interesting. Been playing with it for a while and not sure I like the Tab widths though. Might take some getting used to. 6136
  6. 大笨狗 replied at 2014-1-4 07:54 Up! Super tutorial. Thank you.