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  1. Do you have your side bar pinned to the desktop? If you do, unpin it and then delete the extension.
  2. 13581172 replied at 2014-11-25 09:24 it worked...thanks heaps You're welcome. Glad I could help.
  3. Have you tried switching to Retro Mode to see if the problem exists?
  4. 7twenty replied at 2014-11-21 21:09 Just tested the page mentioned in the first post. It looks like it's fixed. At least I don't get the ... Seems to be fixed on my end also. 10526
  5. Alex 75 replied at 2014-11-20 16:07 Some information. I updated to current version about 3 days ago. I never had problem wit ... Yes, apparently Google fixed something as mouse wheel now works.
  6. No, you cannot delete your Passport account. Just don't use it if you don't want to. People have asked for this before. Maybe the Dev.'s can help you out.
  7. 7twenty replied at 2014-11-14 07:06 Same here. For me it only happens when screen is not maximized, but of course it's 27". I'll have to try it on my Surface Pro 3 and see what it does.
  8. MikeSafe replied at 2014-11-14 04:51 Hi 7twenty, thank you for your help and patience. Well, there's a new version just released about an hour ago that you can try. And please try a clean install. http://forum.maxthon.com/thread-13525-1-1.html
  9. Jawad Khan replied at 2014-11-13 12:37 its killing me i am getting annoyed now it is giving such cautions: D:/Maxthon/Modules/MxDock\La ... Please don't double post your problem. The MxCaptureScreen3.dll is for the Snap function, the Ar-ye.ini is for the Arabic language.
  10. SnowLeopard replied at 2014-11-8 09:25 I know of no meaanss provided by Maaxthon other than the pinned sidebar available inn the installer ... Once installed, Maxthon is automatically pinned to the task bar.
  11. Switch to Retro Mode and it works just fine.
  12. A little more information would be really helpful. What do you mean by "restart" Maxthon? Restart it from where? If it's already open, why do you need to restart it? And if you have closed Maxthon, you wouldn't have access to any "extension" unless you have the sidebar docked to the desktop and there's already an icon there to open Maxthon.
  13. Guillermo Castro replied at 2014-11-3 10:40 Perdón, ya encontré la opción. Es en la imagen de usuario -> Mis dispositivos. Que te lleva a la ... Te vamos a poner a hincar en la esquina arriba de unos frijose de puro castigo. :lol No se crea. Pero que bueno que ya resolviste el problema.
  14. Looks exactly the same in Nitro, Chrome 38, Firefox 36 and IE11 so it's a Google problem, not Maxthons.
  15. I suggest you download and install the latest Beta version of Maxthon which can be found here: http://forum.maxthon.com/thread-13299-1-1.html The link you posted displays perfectly for me. 10295
  16. QIK5L replied at 2014-10-23 18:03 the address is correct but the website maxthon is opening is wrong maxthon is trying to open this pa ... This is what I get when I type in your URL 10262
  17. QIK5L replied at 2014-10-23 05:48 Have done a complete clean install will see how it goes. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
  18. Have you tried other browsers? That URL works just fine here. Maybe scan your system. Are you actually typing in that URL or is it a link or favorite you are clicking on?
  19. Blinderson replied at 2014-4-9 20:18 That's the one, thanks so much for the fast response! You're very welcome. Glad I found it for you.
  20. It's this one: http://forum.maxthon.com/thread-8335-1-1.html
  21. Furkan Avşar replied at 2014-3-25 06:58 I couldn't find the original thread/skin in forum; then I posted it by new thread. In fact, I neve ... OK thanks, will delete this thread.
  22. No.1MaxthonFan replied at 2014-3-25 06:34 No need to repost skins created by another author unless you have modified them and then credit must ... odyssee should I modify my reply then ? thought the OP was the auth That's up to you. If you do, I'll remove my comment too.
  23. No need to repost skins created by another author unless you have modified them and then credit must be given to the original creator. Gives the wrong impression.