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  1. Zugi replied at 2015-3-31 05:47 back.gif

    I wanted to test it right after the first preview was released, but I got stucked in installation. I ...

    Zugi Oh, do you really think they'll fix it? Don't forget it's Microsoft :D

    Well, let me put it this way. I sent feedback about another problem and within 1/2 hour, there was an update that solved this problem. So, yes, I think Microsoft will fix it. They have responded well with every bug I have reported.

  2. A few niggles in this new build that I've already reported. And at least I've found a use for the "Snipping Tool" ;P

    Well, just found another bug. Won't let me select an image to upload. Will have to do it using Nitro I guess.

    Anyway, this is the Favorites Bar that needs work. 13115

    Now to report the other bug.


  3. 7twenty replied at 2015-3-30 06:52 back.gif

    It's still there, but like in Win8 (i'm pretty sure), they no longer include the codec for MPEG2 pla ...

    Build 10049 is available today. I'm using Spartan browser right now. Little bit of a learning curve.

  4. tony. replied at 2015-3-29 11:04 back.gif

    the start button is better than the one in 8 - it was not there but is still a pale comparison to wh ...

    Yes, Windows 10 will be free even if you have a pirated version of Windows. But, it will only be free for a year, after that, you have to purchase a license.

  5. odyssee replied at 2015-3-29 08:54 back.gif

    waw looks great ! by the way what is your opinion on windows 10 ? (I may want to upgrade, but it ...

    It does have a slight learning curve, but it's not something that you cannot overcome quickly. With the new addition of the Start Menu, I think people will be much more accepting to the changes. I really like the addition of Cortana to the desktop. All I have to do is say "Hey Cortana" and she wakes up and waits for me to give her instructions. Just like an obedient wife. :shutup: (Sorry, couldn't resist that)

    You can also create several different desktops to keep all your work organized in groups plus the Task View to easily switch between open programs. Lots of other stuff too.

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  6. dubaidames replied at 2015-3-28 17:14 back.gif

    Can Some One Tell Me What Is Arrow Vanished

    The back arrow is the arrow on your toolbar that points to the left. And if there is no history on the tab, the back arrow will be gray color. If there is history on the tab, the back arrow will be a dark black.

  7. 17378695 replied at 2015-3-5 09:10 back.gif


    Anybody? Somebody?

    Did you read post #6 by BugMiss006 and try what she suggested? Please do that and let us know the result. It seems that we cannot duplicate your problem which is why it's difficult to diagnose and must be done one step at a time.

  8. 7twenty Separate window? As in it's own app or just a new browser window? I'd guess you have a Kindle app of some type installed if that is the case.

    Yes, I do have the Kindle App reader installed. So I tried to read it within the browser, and like you 7twenty, have no problem.



  9. 17378695 replied at 2015-3-3 19:32 back.gif

    Strangely enough when I hit the ABOUT button on the browser it says I am up to date. I have no probl ...

    Are you trying to read a particular book or are you just trying to log on to the Reader site to download a book? When I open the Kindle reader app, it doesn't open in the browser, but in its own separate window. But then I'm on Windows 10 so that may have some bearing.