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  1. Did you click on the Feature Management? This is what I see when I click on it:
  2. That's only your opinion. I use it, so don't delete it.
  3. And I can still adjust the width on I'm on Windows 11 EDIT: I can it wider, but not narrower and since I don't use it, it doesn't bother me.
  4. A new version was just posted today.
  5. You can install directly from the chrome webstore.
  6. Go to the Google Web Store and add them from there.
  7. Well, they only have 3 months to figure it out, so we will see.
  8. Not having any problem either yesterday or today. All pages load just time for me.
  9. Don't forget the Chinese users. I don't know if they show up in the statistics.
  10. Hi Bugsir006. When I click on home, I used to be able to see who is online. But I can't see that anymore. Did something change?

    1. BugSir006


      Hi No.1 MaxthonFan, I did not change that. If you still experience this issue, I can ask our engineers to check this issue next Monday. ?

    2. No.1MaxthonFan


      Yes, I am still experiencing this problem. When the engineer get time, this is nothing really critical.

    3. BugSir006


      Hi No.1MaxthonFan, this issue has been fixed, please try to refresh the page. ? 

  11. It's on the right side of the Tab next to the Close icon. But, you have to Right Click and then click on "Mute Site", then if you want to un-mute, you have to right click again and then click on "Unmute Site"
  12. HMMM am playing a 4K video @2160 on 34" monitor without a problem on my 1Gig internet with multiple windows open.
  13. As a workaround, you can right click on the speaker icon on the tab and then on "Mute Site". I'm sure they will fix it in the next version.
  14. Similar but not the same. It's located in Settings/Advanced/Privacy and Security.
  15. Snap works fine for me with on Windows 10.
  16. That doesn't tell anyone anything. At least provide some examples of what YOU think needs to be improved.
  17. They are in Spain, Turkey, Bangladesh, Korea, etc. with multiple applications from the same IP address and eventually will be spammers. There are about 500 or so in the last couple of months from Spain and a lot have the same avatar and a lot with the same IP address. Just because I don't do anything about them doesn't mean I'm not watching.
  18. Ok, if I have never had a problem with fonts of any kind, why would I go looking for a setting to change something and create a problem? As the old saying goes, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"