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  1. I know I haven't been as active on the current forum as I had been in the past — but it looks like I reached a post limit after about six or seven posts in a two- or three-hour window.  (Three of those were me creating new topics.)  I'm going to wander off for a while and let my profile cool down, but if anything jumps out at you about any thresholds I may have broken, let me know.  Maybe there's a post-number or reputation ceiling I need to break through before I can post more than a few things per day?  Sorry to bother you with this, but any insights are welcomed, of course.  ;)

    1. Secret-HQ


      Hmmm.  After only 10 minutes, I was able to resume posting my usual drivel.  Maybe it was a forum hiccup?  Or maybe I'd just been bounding around too gleefully in too short a time, as I thought at first.